August 31, 2016
Who we are?

Who we are?


Nice meeting you. We are StuDocu and we are more than pleased to announce that the website has expanded their features and created a blog for you! Why you ask? Next to all the ‘oh so fun’ summaries, tutorials, past exams, etc, we want to become even more useful and share some more fun and other information regarding your student life. And so, the StuDocu Blog was born.

Who the heck are we?

The StuDocu team represents young, creative and dynamic. Our employees are either freshly graduated students or university interns.
StuDocu was set up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
We started small and before we knew it, we grew so fast that we decided to expand worldwide. Nowadays, StuDocu is international and can be found in almost every corner of the world, including Sweden and Denmark.

What do we do?

Studies can be pretty stressing, when you have deadlines for projects, essays and of course exams. StuDocu is there to give you a helping hand during your studies. It’s not only about sharing docs – it’s for you to find a way to be creative and get inspired. We are here for you to help you to increase your chances to pass.

But when we said sharing documents, we really mean it! In order to make our website as useful as possible we need your input. Dive into your old study documents: lecture notes, summaries, whatever you can find and upload them on the website. Next to the great benefits you will get from doing this (a Premium account for 3 months per document!) you will help your fellow students with their studies just like they are helping you with yours.


So why the blog?

The StuDocu blog will enhance your student life even more. We will cover all subjects and topics. As we know that your life is not about studying only, you can come here for your daily entertainment. Ideas for a food party, facts about your country, or how to make your teacher dance – there are simply no limits.

So sit back and enjoy the ride and if you occur to have any suggestions, please let us know.

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