Every start-up is innovation driven and is fuelled with grit and vision of motivated, educated and risk undertaking founders. Zerocopy is one such start-up which acts as a medium between swathe of service providers and customers. The start-ups have the potential to frame the foundation for the economic growth of a country and high energy founders inject this vibrant spirit which ultimately helps in booming the business idea!

When you hear the word ‘zerocopy’ what comes to your mind instantly? A copy that is worth zero or a copy which costs zero! Let’s increase intimacy with this brand and see how this innovative and unique idea is successfully providing a platform which is worth praising.

Ecosystem of Zerocopy

In this thriving economy, start-ups like zerocopy are blossoming only because of their idea and proper implementation. The business model of zerocopy is to allow students to print their courses for free. The statistics highlight that students spend more than 65% of their time in studies and the remaining in other activities like social media, hanging out with friends etc. While every marketer has invested their efforts in ‘print to digital’ transformation, zerocopy has tried to leverage the unique benefits of paper with convenience and accessibility of digital world. More than 90% of students still prefer paper over any other medium of study material and this brand has innovatively tried to convert that into a wonderful idea of paper marketing.


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Simple and effective

It is fairly simple to operate with Zerocopy. All you as a student have to do is to create an account with them, upload your documents and visit any nearest zerocopy printing location to collect your printed course material. Similarly, an advertiser needs to properly define their goal, target group and budget and send the visuals to them. As per the stats, zerocopy put these advertisements (full page or the banners) in the courses of the target group. The beauty of zerocopy lies in their appealing offerings which cater to individualistic and retail consumers. While it was challenging for zerocopy to find the right set of advertisers who can drive this campaign but this niche startup emerged with an unbeatable proposition of offering free printing services to students.

Standing out

Too big to fail is a phrase which is applied in financial sector but we personally feel that it can find resonance in the case of zerocopy! What is interesting is the fact that it is a cheaper source of marketing for advertisers and provides a direct- to- consumer route and thus those advertisers who don’t have budget to place big banner ads can spot this idea for marketing. A clear point of differentiation of zerocopy and the smart ways through which it combines software, data and hardware are something which makes it stand out!

There are many bright entrepreneurial ideas in this economy but most of them are implemented at a slow pace and lose their charm but Zerocopy is a properly planned and executed idea. Since it solves pain points of consumers and has passionate intent to change something for better, it is capable of driving its own success story.


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