November 24, 2017
Top UK Universities 2018 by World Ranking

Top UK Universities 2018 by World Ranking

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s best universities. In fact, these 9 UK universities rank top 50 worldwide by QS University Rankings, four even landing in the prestigious top 10. Here are the best UK Universities by world ranking in 2018, based on academic reputation, citations, employability, faculty to student ratio, and international faculty and students.

1. U of Cambridge (5th in the world)

UK Universities top university best school united kingdom ranking cambridge

The University of Cambridge dates back to 1209 and is home to world famous alumni, including Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. It is among the top 3 Universities in the world for English Language and Literature studies and Anatomy and Physiology.

2. University of Oxford (6th)

University of Oxford joins Cambridge in being among the best in the world for English Language, Literature and Anatomy and Physiology. Plus, its gorgeous campus features the Thames River  and some memorable pubs, bars and restaurants.

3. University College London (UCL) (7th)

UK Universities top university best school united kingdom ranking london college

Located in central London, University College London is a research and innovation pioneer. This university is known for its multidisciplinary approach and advanced research in many fields, ranging from medicine to languages. UCL has partnerships with a long list of hospitals, galleries and other research centers that provide students with an enormous range of resources.

4. Imperial College London (8th)

Imperial College London differs from it’s multidisciplinary counterparts as it focuses only on science, engineering, medicine and business. Students come from all over the world to attend this renowned university. Just last year, more than 65% of new students came from oversees.

5. University of Edinburgh (23rd)

UK Universities top university best school united kingdom ranking university of edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is the 6th oldest English speaking university in the world and one of Scotland’s most ancient. University of Edinburgh It is 5th in the world for Linguistics, and the city itself was voted one of the best places to live.

6. Kings college London (23rd)

King’s College London is one of the oldest universities in England and has a solid academic reputation, it tied with Edinburgh for the 23rd best in the world. They are pioneers in research ranking among the world’s best universities in research quality and quantity. Their annual research earnings total more than £684 million, £600 million of which has gone back into their research campaign that provides state of the art medicine facilities and groundbreaking research.

7. The University of Manchester (34th)

UK Universities top university best school united kingdom ranking manchester

The University of Manchester offers over 1,000 degree programs and is home to 25 Nobel Prize winners among its past and present staff and students. This university was home to the first ever modern computer in 1948 and the splitting of the atom. Nowadays, the University of Manchester remains a research intensive institution, investing £1 billion over ten years in its facilities and campus.

8. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (35th)

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a worldwide leader in social science, particularly political science. The University and its graduates are important contributors to world wide policy and debate. They rank top 10 in the world for a wide range of disciplines and attract an international student body. LSE offers an impressive £15.5 million of need- and merit-based financial aid available to its students each year.

9. University of Bristol (44th)

UK Universities top university best school united kingdom ranking bristol

The University of Bristol brings together instructors that are leaders in their fields for a cutting edge global research experience. Bristol is in the top 5 UK universities for research excellence and ranked 6th for graduate employability. Bristol has also been named the UK’s best place to live this year, featuring a vibrant student culture and lively community spirit.


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Written by Julia Stamp


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