September 21, 2017
Top Canadian Universities for Students in 2017

Top Canadian Universities for Students in 2017

Each year, Canadian magazine Maclean’s conducts a comprehensive assessment looking at everything from Student to Faculty Ratio to Library Acquisition in order to determine the top Canadian universities. Although these factors are important, one has to ask: what does this really mean for the students?

Maclean’s has found the answer. This year, they’ve conducted an additional assessment in which over 16,500 students across the country rated their University’s Staff, Mental health Services, Extracurricular Activities, Experiential Learning, Residence Living, Bureaucracy and even Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault. Here are the Canadian Universities that made it into the top 10 based on overall ranking:

1.Wilfrid Laurier University

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Ranked first in overall student satisfaction, Wilfred Laurier is a bustling University in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. The city is a tech powerhouse and home to Google and Blackberry offices. With its many campus events and plenty of student associations, it is no surprise that Wilfred Laurier University also ranked first in categories like Student Life, Residence Life, and Extracurricular Activities. They also ranked first for  Mental Health Services. Here you can find a course about Game of Thrones and Medieval Culture, proving there is something for everyone!

2.University of Guelph

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University of Guelph, surrounded by tall oaks and old buildings, came in close second for overall ranking, Residence Life and Mental Health Services. It also landed first place in Sexual Assault Prevention. The university combines a strong basis in research and the arts and offers programs ranging from biomedical engineering to creative writing. It receives the highest funding for a non-medical school in Canada (from which all programs benefit!). Here you can find courses taught by famous Canadians like renowned author Laurence Hill and writer/performer Sky Gilbert.

3.University of Waterloo

Waterloo, University of Waterloo, Canada, Campus, University, top canadian universities studocu

Not only did the University of Waterloo come in 3rd on the list, it scored 2nd place in Maclean’s ranking of Canadian Universities in 2017. The University is a research and technology giant and it continues to grow. The Science Teaching Complex opened in 2016 and its new Engineering laboratory that’s set to open in 2018 will feature exciting engineering programs, including one on artificial intelligence.

4. Carleton University

carleton, university, carleton university, canada, canadian university, top canadian universities studocu

Located in Canada’s beautiful capital of Ottawa, Carleton University was founded in 1942 for the men and women supporting Canada’s war efforts. Since then, it has become well known for its Faculty of Public affairs which houses programs like international relations, journalism and political science (which is no surprise given its location). Among its many programs, its 4 year journalism program is the oldest in the country.

5. Université du Quebec à Montreal (UQAM)

UQAM, University du Quebec, Canada, University, Montreal, top canadian universities studocu

UQAM is a francophone University that truly embodies the city of Montreal’s vibrant spirit. While it has long been known for its humanities and social science programs, it is gaining popularity for its international research and growing business curriculum. It is home to over 3,500 international students from all over the globe!
An interesting fact, UQAM is also known for its one of a kind degree in Sexology, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

6. Brock University

Brock, Brock University, Canada, Canadian university, campus,top canadian universities studocu

Brock University is named after Sir Isaac Brock, who helped defend Upper Canada against the United States during the War of 1812. The School is known for its research and forward thinking: they place great importance on experiential learning (for which student’s ranked them 4th on the list!) and have an immensely successful co-op program: more than 95% of graduates find employment with a previous employer.

7. University of Victoria

victoria, university, canada, campus, university of victoria,top canadian universities studocu

University of Victoria, the oldest in British Columbia, scored 7th place overall and an impressive 3rd place in Maclean’s overall Canadian Universities in 2017. Student’s here enjoy a green and lush landscape, only a few minutes from the beach! The university’s close ties to nature don’t end there; exterior research funding has tripled to over the last 10 years and both their research and programs play a key role in Canadian earth and ocean sciences.

8. University of Windsor

windsor, university, canada, university of windsor, campus, top canadian universities studocu

University of Windsor is Canada’s southernmost university whose proximity to the Canada – U.S. border allows for research and academic partnerships with U.S. Schools. Although 8th overall, Windsor scored 3rd place in the Mental Health Services ranking. A partnership with the University of Detroit Mercy allows for law students to practice law in both Canada and the United states upon completion of the program!

9. Ryerson University

ryerson university, canada, university, ryerson, toronto,top canadian universities studocu

Ryerson University is located in the busiest intersection of downtown Toronto and welcomes innovation and creativity of all kinds. Originally developed as a trade school, it has now grown home to many areas of study. They have undergone large expansions, and their next development, the Health Science Complex, is set to open in fall 2018.

10. University of New Brunswick

new brunswick, university of new brunswick, canada, university, campus, saint john, top canadian universities studocu

University of New Brunswick was founded in 1785 and is Canada’s oldest English Speaking University. They place a strong emphasis on research in many fields, and aim to equip their students with values of innovation and entrepreneurship. Their Planetary and Space Science Centre is Canada’s only NASA-designated Planetary Image Facility, where you can view official space mission documents and cartography.

Written by Julia Stamp

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