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Top 50 Best Student Cafes & Bars in Denmark

Top 50 Best Student Cafes & Bars in Denmark

Did you ever have this feeling that after a few days of studying for your exams you simply couldn’t sit down in your room anymore? Sometimes you just need to change the environment. There are plenty of student cafes in Denmark where you can bring your books and laptop and feel relaxed even before a really stressful and important exam. We found the best places where you can study with the nicest cup of coffee. Also, we list the best bars and clubs where you can party and celebrate passing your exams!

When you have an early morning class

It is a fact that almost every student needs a cup of coffee to wake up before the lectures start. But did you know that your body naturally produces a hormone called cortisol that helps you feel alert and awake? So, if you have a habit of drinking coffee when you first wake up, you may want to wait a bit longer so that your caffeine isn’t wasted during a time when cortisol is at its highest. The best timing to have your first cup of coffee is after 1,5 hour of being awake.

coffee statistics

Cheapest coffee on campus can be found in Café Nexus and Studenterhuset Aalborg. Visiting these places is a convenient way to kill an hour between classes or dash in and out for a drink. Coffee is actually very healthy. The studies show that coffee drinkers have lower risk of becoming depressed. Do you want to live longer and happier? Then go on and get a cup of delicious coffee!

Productive break and lunch

You have a break and decided to grab a snack? We all know that eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid certain health problems. Cut back on sugar and grab some yogurt instead of a muffin. Student cafes normally provide a wide range of snacks for lunch for a student-friendly price. There you can comfortably seat and discuss the group project with your peers.

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The coziest places of our choice to study during the break are Paludan Bøg & Cafe in Copenhagen, LYNfabrikken’s coffee shop in Aarhus and Cafe Ubåden in Kolding. Are you vegetarian and always struggle to find a nice place? Then Café N is a place for you to join other like-minded!

Every place we chose to be the best study cafe has free WIFI and plugs for your laptop.

Study hard, party harder

Most of the students take their studying process seriously, spend a lot of time in the libraries and campuses. We understand that you might have put your degree before clubbing (seriously, people do that?) but everyone needs an amazing night out once in a while. We’ve rounded up the best clubs and bars in the country for a nice after-exam stress relieve or a casual beer night with your friends.

Student Club distribution in Denmark

map of club distribution in Denmark

There are more than 200 clubs and bars in Copenhagen and only 6 of them ended up on our “must visit” list for students. Do you want to have a dancing marathon? Then KulørbarHIVE or Sukkerbageren are ideal places for you!

Below you can find the 50 best places for students to hang out.

Full list of top student cafes, bars, and clubs

1. Café Nexus – Bar and cafe at CBS in Copenhagen

2. Paludan Bøg & Cafe – Traditional bookstore with a functioning eatery next to KU

3. S-Huset – Student house in Kongens Lyngby that has a chill cafe with a fireplace

4. LYNfabrikken’s coffee shop – Atmospheric coffee shop in Aarhus

5. Studenterhuset Copenhagen – Students’ meeting place to grab some coffee in the cold autumn day

6. The Australian Bar – Or just the “A-bar” is the place to be in Odense

7. Kaffeladen – Cafe in Copenhagen with homey environment

8. Studenterhuset Aalborg – The best place to meet students from all different departments

9. Café Helga – Study cafe in Copenhagen that also has a cargo bike that you can borrow

10. Basisbaren – Open bar and party place for all university students in Aalborg University

11. Studenterhus Odense – The cafe in the Student House is a gathering place with student-friendly prices

12. Kulørbar – The place in Copenhagen to dance all night long

13. Pioner Bar – Fun place to go out in Esbjerg

14. Den Glade Gris – Great place in Copenhagen where you will find live music, jams and comedy stand-ups

15. Heidi’s Bier Bar – Beer bar in Odense

16. Democratic Coffee – Best fresh coffee and deserts around The University of Copenhagen

17. Harbo Bar – Cozy place in Copenhagen where you can have your morning coffee and evening beer

18. StudieStuen – Excellent book cafe in Odense

19. Sukkerbageren – Popular party place in Copenhagen with the large dance floor

20. HIVE – Internationally-renowned nightclub with good music in Copenhagen

21. The Old Irish Pub – Odense – Atmospheric Irish pub in the heart of the city

22. Den Engelske Pub – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Lovely place in Kolding with great music and beer

23. Café Skt. Gertrud – Delicious food in the superb atmosphere in Odense

24. Stalden Kolding – Great cafe & bar

25. Café N – Vegan food with student-friendly prices in Copenhagen

26. Sir Club – A mix between a pub and a sports-cafe for young people in Odense

27. Den blå café – Relaxing place in the comfortable surrounding in Kolding

28. Diagonalen -Best DTU Friday bar

29. Studenterhusets café – Cafe in the Roskilde student house to relax between the classes

30. Cafe Ubåden – Fun SDU cafe in Kolding to play games and chill with the fellow students

31. Café Campus AAU – Cafe in Aalborg University with delicious sandwiches

32. Café Gemmestedet – Lovely cafe in Aarhus offering some great deals

33. RRK Baren – Fun bar in Odense

34. Monday Cafe Odense – Great burger place that is open not only on Mondays 😉

35. John Bull Pub Aalborg – The best English pub and sports bar in Aalborg

35. Gefährlich – Restaurant in Copenhagen that transforms to the night club in the evening

36. Vinstuen – Friendly cheap bar in Aarhus

37. New Gaslight Aalborg – Awesome Friday bar to hang out with your friends in Aalborg

38. Dale’s Café – Cozy cafe in Aarhus with the amazing team

39. Cafe botanisk have – Fantastic cafe in the botanical garden in the heart of Copenhagen

40. Maskinen MSK – Fun Friday bar in Kongens Lyngby

41. Kantinen hos AAU i Esbjerg – Canteen with the great food to satisfy students during the lunch

42. Smuthullet – Student bar located at Aalborg University Esbjerg, run by students

43. Risteriet Halmtorvet – The combination of great coffee and an even greater atmosphere

44. Bevar’s – Cafe in Copenhagen with young, creative and lively environment

45. Studiecaféen – Student cafe with the international atmosphere in the middle of Aarhus

46. Café Metropolitain – Interesting cafe right next to the CBS

47. Cafe Alsion v/ Bar2lin – Great place to have a dinner in Sønderborg

48. Cafe kræz – Cafe in Odense with a wide variety of food offered

49. Canteen – Place at SDU to have a nice lunch break

50. Hornsleth Bar – Nice bar with live music in Aarhus


This blog was written by StuDocu team. StuDocu is an international E-company that provides study materials such as past exams, lecture notes and so many other documents for students. For more information, go to

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