January 09, 2019
The ultimate guide to StuDocu: How to use our platform and become a part of the community!

The ultimate guide to StuDocu: How to use our platform and become a part of the community!

StuDocu is all about helping students excel in their studies. Today, we want to give you all the necessary information, in the form of a guide, to become a part of our community! Our platform currently has more than 2.5 million students helping each other and sharing their knowledge.

If you are looking for notes to support you during the exams or you want to share your work and get rewarded for it, you definitely need to read this post!

Share your Knowledge and…

1. Get access to all our documents!

Not only will other students appreciate the hard work you’ve done, but you will also get some great benefits from uploading your notes to our platform!

First, for every document you upload and we approve, you will get 14 days of Premium access for free. This means you will be able to view, download and print every document on our platform!

To get started, head over to our homepage to directly upload your notes, or read first our useful guide about uploading (click here).

Some helpful tips

-Make sure your documents are clear and relevant

-Fill in all the fields to ensure a smooth process

-Wait 1-2 business days for the documents to be approved (with ‘business days’ being the working days of the week, weekends and holidays don’t count!)

-Ensure the language of the document is the same as the teaching language

2. Win amazing prizes

Secondly, for every approved document you will automatically get a ticket to enter the StuDocu lottery. In fact, we organise a monthly giveaway in which we reward our uploaders with an iPad and one hundred cash prizes 10€, 10$ and 10£ via PayPal!

How does it work?

-Approved documents will earn you 50 points each and it will automatically qualify you for the StuDocu lottery
-Each view on your document gives you 1 additional point.
-Upvoted documents will get 25 points each
-Furthermore, you will receive an additional 50 points for every thank you from other students

Don’t have documents to share? You can always access the platform in other ways!

1. Access over 2 million study resources for free

Did you know that you can view almost all our documents for free? We provide free access to 80% of our documents. You need a premium account only to print/download our files!

2. Access, print and download premium documents with a subscription

You can start a quarterly or yearly subscription here (click).

3. Use some awesome features, such as Flashcards and Study Lists

Flashcards give you the chance to practice and memorise keywords and fundamental concepts of a certain document!The option to practice with the flashcards automatically shows for the most popular documents!

Study Lists are a new feature of our platform: you can use them to group the documents you find on StuDocu by category, subject, course and so on! This way, your notes will be much more organised and you will find way more quickly what you are looking for! You can add a new studylist when saving a certain document!

Become a part of the community

You can become a part of our vibrant community by actively participating in our platform!

You can:

  1. Rate, comment and share your favourite documents! This way you will contribute to the improvement of our content.
  2. Follow and engage with us on our social media accounts, where we constantly share tips and tricks for students, as well as a look into our company’s office life!

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