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Why Sweden is the best country for living

Why Sweden is the best country for living

With a comparatively high quality of life, strong infrastructure, and the best system of healthcare and education, a large number of people continue moving to Sweden. As of 2015, there were roughly 200 different nationalities represented in Sweden, who make up 14 percent of the country’s total population. The Swedish people can be proud of their country as Sweden has been voted the Best Country in the World by newest edition of the Good Country Index. The Survey also showed that Swedish people are the nicest people on the planet.

Here are some reasons why you should move to Sweden.

High quality of Life

Sweden performs favorably in several measures of well-being, as indicated by the fact that it ranks above most countries in the Better Life Index. If you are living in Sweden, you will have a central heating system and fast speed broadband internet everywhere. You will see safety regulations that are placed in all buildings.

High Living Stander, Studocu, Students

Public transportation

If you have no car, don’t worry. Sweden has one of the best public transport systems in Europe. Buses and trains are available till midnight. You can travel as much as you can with you transport card.

Transportation, Metro

Protected human rights

Doesn’t matter if you are a student, immigrant, or working in Sweden. If someone is violating your rights, government will be on your side. The chances of experiencing discrimination on the base of class, skin color, gender or religion are very small.

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Social welfare system

With the well-developed health care system and free education, Sweden has the best social welfare in the world. You can enjoy free education in world’s best universities. In comparison with other developed countries, Sweden is the biggest spender on the social welfare sector in relation to its GDP.

Swedish Government Budget, Social Security

Everyone understands English

One of the biggest advantages of living in Sweden is that you will not feel a stranger as everyone can understand and speak English. If you compare it to other European countries, such as Germany, France, and Italy, Sweden is a very friendly country for foreigners.

Friendly People

 Natural beauty

Did you know that 97% of Sweden is uninhabited? It means there’s a lot of nature in Sweden to preserve. Nature reserves and national parks cover a tenth of Sweden’s land area. According to many surveys, Sweden is one of the least polluted countries in the world.

Nature, Environment


In comparison with other parts of the world, European chocolate is very tasty. Sweden is very famous among other European countries for its unique taste of chocolates. So if you are living in Sweden you can enjoy it’s delicious chocolate as well.

Dark Chocolate

 Architecture style

Sweden is full of very nice architecture. Beautiful Scandinavian design can be clearly seen in the buildings around the country. The Swedish architecture is represented by the Ice Hotel of Jukkasjarvi, coexistence of old and new architecture in Stockholm, and the Västra Hamnen of Malmö.

 Architecture, infrastructure

 Travelers love Sweden

Swedes like traveling very much. They are generally very open to know about new culture and are interested in hearing about international experiences. If you also love traveling, Swedes are waiting for you.


Enjoy variety of dairy products

If you are dairy product lover, Sweden is the right place for you. Sweden has 287,606 dairy cattle and 4,022 dairy farms as of 2012. Average production of milk is 9,210 kg per year. The average fat percentage is 4.21 and average protein percentage is 3.46. You can enjoy a variety of dairy products in Sweden.

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Enjoy five weeks of vacation

You are allowed to enjoy five weeks of vacation every year by law. Also there are many other national holidays in a calendar year. It means that you can be working in Sweden and enjoying long holidays. Woot woot!

Enjoy Holidays

Start new business

If you want to start your new business in Sweden, the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) would help you to get financing and then subsidize your work by paying you a standard eight hours salary every day. It’s really amazing!

Business in Sweden

In general, Swedes are more satisfied with their living standards than the OECD average of 6.5. When Swedes were asked to rate their general satisfaction level with their life on a scale from 0-10, Swedes gave a grade of 7.3.

Like any country, Sweden is a great place for some people, but not so great for others. It always depends on your mindset and ability to adjust to new cultures.

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