April 26, 2018
StuDocu: Sharing and Supporting Higher Education

StuDocu: Sharing and Supporting Higher Education

Many people working in the education sector, mainly lecturers and teachers, believe that there should be limits on what students and other educators can share with others outside of their university circle. It is this idea that limits users of excellent platforms like StuDocu from being able to share and benefit from valuable course information. Of course, the documents on study sharing platforms like StuDocu could never replace the intensive learning environment of university lectures and seminars, but it certainly helps to validate the learning process away from the classroom.


The main argument supporting this belief is the issue of Copyright, which universities and educators alike usually place on documents they do not want shared with anyone except the intended audience. But what about all the other documents? Thousands of students spend countless hours pouring over their notes, making detailed summaries and highlighting useful definitions as a means of revising and studying for their exams. These documents could serve as excellent study materials for not just the creator of the document, but thousands of other students studying the same topics as well. 


This is exactly how StuDocu was born; four students found themselves frustrated at the fact that some groups of students had access to hundreds of past papers and others were left with copying textbook passages instead.


“StuDocu could never replace the intensive learning environment of university lectures and seminars, but it certainly helps”


StuDocu is an online learning platform where students share study resources such as lecture notes, past exams, and other valuable documents with each other. The objective of the platform is to enhance the learning process by giving students the opportunity to exchange valuable information and work together. StuDocu has quickly evolved to become one of the most used websites for students around the world and the platform is still growing rapidly. It currently has over 2 million users with over 1 million study related documents available.


You might find yourself wondering why it is necessary to share these documents. Some would argue that, as a student, the work should be created for yourself by yourself and that this is just a part of the university learning process. And yes, students should be producing their own work. But StuDocu opens up a whole world of study content and makes it easier to engage with specific subjects and topics by using lots of writing styles, summaries and differing opinions that may be apparent in notes. If we believe education to be a universal necessity, why wouldn’t we want to make it easier to study?


Sharing study notes universally isn’t a form of cheating and it isn’t a form of plagiarism. It is quite the opposite: benefiting students as they have access to different ideas, arguments and therefore are able to develop a much deeper level of understanding of the topic they are studying. Students all over the world are already swapping notes, summaries and lecture content with each other. StuDocu simply universalises this interaction and exchange and allows students to make similar exchanges over the internet. And education is changing. Every year, we see more online content becoming available, more students turning to Google than to their textbooks to solve difficult equations and answer tough questions.


Genuine educators are people that want to help others to learn, so encouraging them to promote the use of sites like StuDocu will help students all over the world. Not only does this help to educate and inform but students also benefit from incorporating the ever-growing range of technology into their studies. Collectively, these factors enable education to grow towards a more accessible future, especially for students in developing countries or places without access to sufficient education resources. Furthermore, educators can create their own accounts and upload their own study documents that will help not only their students, but other people from other educational institutions as well.


“It isn’t just for students, everyone can use the site to learn new subjects and give depth to existing understanding”


StuDocu’s mission is to provide students and teachers with access to practice questions, lecture notes and summaries as openly and efficiently as possible. But it isn’t just for students, everyone can use the site to learn new subjects and give depth to existing understanding. Accessible, high quality study documents open the door for global learning. StuDocu strives to live in a world where education is shared globally and everyone has access to the same study material. So what do you think? Should the education sector embrace this new way of learning? Or are platforms like StuDocu better off being used solely by students?


If you are interested in checking out StuDocu, you can find your university here.


Written by Phoebe SC for StuDocu.


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