November 07, 2016
StuDocu reached one million users

StuDocu reached one million users

Last Wednesday, on the 2nd of November, the millionth user signed up on StuDocu.

StuDocu is an international E-company that was founded in Delft, The Netherlands in 2010 by four students from the Technical University Delft. In their dormitory, Jacques, Marnix, Lucas and Sander decided to build a platform called On that platform, students could share their summaries to help each other pass their exams. As a result, many students were approached by e-mail and asked if they were willing to share their documents on the platform. This resulted in a database full with study materials for their university. Eventually, they settled in Amsterdam and focused on growing their platform nationally.

The founders of StuDocu
From left to right: Jacques, Marnix, Lucas, Sander

As time passed by, the company steadily grew; more documents were shared on the website. With that growth came new employees and a spacious office in Sloterdijk (near Amsterdam).

In 2014, the company decided it was time to consider other possibilities; it was time to take their company global. The name StudeerSnel turned into StuDocu and once again, the company moved to another location in Amsterdam (Wenslauerstraat). With about 25 people working for the company at that point, they started to aim for the stars.

StuDocu reaching 500.000 users
Celebrating 500.000 users


A year ago, in November of 2015, Peak Capital and Point Nine Capital invested 1.35 million euro into the company. Their investment stimulated the growth of the company in Australia, Canada, the United States as well as in Spain. Over the last 5 years, 500,000 people registered on the website. Nonetheless, their new goal was to have 500,000 more users on the platform, within only 12 months. With the investment came a new target to achieve, hence more responsibilities. Therefore, we hired new employees and moved into a bigger office space.

StuDocu is currenly located on the Keizersgracht and their team consist of nearly 50 employees. These include programmers, graphic designers, marketing and accounting professionals, growth managers and interns. StuDocu is a startup where (almost) everyone is under the age of 30. This makes the working atmosphere at StuDocu very informal. At this point in time, StuDocu is working hard to develop new features which will help students to better prepare for their exams. A good example of that is the new feature called ‘Examinator‘. This feature allows students to practice exam question from all over the world on many different topics.

One million users

We estimated that the millionth user would sign up on November 18th 2016. On the 2nd of November, 16 days earlier than they had estimated, the millionth user registered. Currently, StuDocu has 1,013,000 users on their platform, and we are growing by the day.


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