The Lottery Concept

StuDocu are offering tickets for the StuDocu lottery in exchange for your study documents. This year’s lottery is bigger and better than ever before, with the most insane prizes to date.

The Rules

For each document upload that is approved you will receive one ticket for the StuDocu lottery. Each ticket enters you in with a chance of winning a prize. You can upload any study resource you own whether it’s lecture notes, past exams, summaries, financial reports or anything else.

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The Prizes

First Prize (One available)

  • An iPhone 7 (Or 500€ in your local currency)

Consolation Prizes (Three available)

  • An annual subscription to Netflix 4K Ultra HD (or 100€ in your local currency)
  • An annual subscription to Spotify Premium (or 100€ in your local currency)

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Top Tips

  • Uploading documents will also earn you free days of StuDocu premium access
  • Increasing your amount of uploads will increase you amount of tickets and thus increase the liklihood of you owning a shiny new iPhone 7.

What are you waiting for? Start uploading now!

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