August 02, 2017

StuDocu buys your Notes, Book Summaries and Past Exams

What is StuDocu?

StuDocu wants to make all students excel at their studies. We are a platform where students can share their notes and find study material for free. Already 2.3 Million students over the world are helping each other on StuDocu.

To kick-start our concept at your university, we are interested in buying your documents.


How do you sell your notes?

Just upload your documents to the courses they belong to. We automatically analyze the documents, and within 60 seconds we give you an offer for your documents.

What kind of documents can you sell?

  • Lecture notes
  • Summaries
  • Past exams


What’s in it for you?

Money of course 🤑 Next to eternal gratitude from your fellow students who are struggling with the courses you have already passed. But mainly money 💸


How do you get paid?

If you like the offer, just fill out your PayPal email address on the offer page and we’ll transfer the money within a day! If you don’t like the offer, just decline it and we’ll delete your docs immediately.

Are you interested? Then upload your docs and see how simple it is!

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