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14 days of Premium for free!

14 days of Premium for free!

The best way to enjoy StuDocu is with a Premium subscription. Right now we’re giving away 14 days for free! How awesome is that?

Here’s what we’re offering:

how to become Premium StuDocu free


How do I get Premium?

Upgrading your account is very easy. Here’s how to get started:


1 Go to StuDocu.com and click Upload

how to become Premium StuDocu free



Select the document you want to share by dragging it into the dotted area. Alternatively, you can click on the “Browse my files” button to select the document you want to share directly from your device. You can also upload additional documents by clicking the “Add another course” button. For every document, you upload you will be rewarded with 14 Premium days, a lottery ticket for monthly lottery


2 Invite a friend to join StuDocu

how to become Premium StuDocu free


If you invite a friend, both of you will get 14 Premium days! You can invite them sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. Sharing is caring 😉

Easy right?? Become Premium and excel at your studies!


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