March 10, 2017
Uni returns: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Uni returns: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Returning to uni is tricky business, luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips that aim to make the transition from break to uni routine actually almost achievable without maximum suffering and potential death.

Wow, it’s already that time again? Break is over and it’s time to return to a familiar reality we all know as school. Likelihood is that you’ve spent your time off studying, reading and being a model student. Lmao no, we know you’ve spent it drinking, sleeping and sinning. Even if you’ve spent it watching paint dry it’s bound to be difficult to drag yourself back into such a tedious uni schedule again.

1. Set yourself goals

Study Goals for returning to school

Whether it be how many Jägerbomb’s you can neck a in a semester or achieving a better grade than last semester, make sure you get it done. After each long break we all tell ourselves we’ll be a better student, study harder, achieve better grades. It never happens. This is probably due to the lack of aim and direction. By setting goals for yourself in what you wish to achieve, you can better measure and motivate yourself. Ensure these goals are ambitious, yet attainable.

2. Have your assignments prepared

Assignments, excellent, homework, StuDocu documents, uni work

As much fun as it is to be up at 5am fuelled by red-bull, energy tablets and pure adrenaline, sweating it out at the library, it can be more relaxing to prepare earlier. Chances are you had at least one assignment to complete over the break. Make sure it’s prepared and ready at least a couple of days before the due date upon your return. Your first days back will be tiring, there’s no way you’ll feel like doing them after class so you may as well get them done whilst you still have the time. Can’t find the resources you need for your assignment? StuDocu has endless amounts of study resources tailored to you.

3. Create a countdown for things you look forward to

countdown, clock

Create a list of everything you’re looking forward to, whether it’s during the semester or during the next break. Whether it’s a countdown to visiting your Grandparents house or getting absolutelty wasted at Noah’s next hot tub party, make sure it’s on your countdown, This list will give you some motivation & hope even in your darkest hour. Here’s a free countdown creator to make it easier for you to look forward to your favourite things.

4. Readjust your sleep schedule for returning to uni

happy sleep, sleep schedule

Hahhahaha easier said than done. But there’s nothing worse than being in your first class back and not being able to keep your eyes open or your mind focused, trust me. You’re proabably used to sleeping in late and going to bed at an ungodly hour after spending the evening knee-deep in old episodes of summer heights high. Make the transition slightly easier by gradually getting yourself into a better cycle before your return to school.

Exclaimer: Many have tried, many have failed.

5. Find room for exercise

exercise, running, energy

Returning to uni is likely to drain your energy and make you feel more sluggish than you did the morning after you saw off the rest of that bottle of vodka when you were 16. Defeat this by finding time for some light exercise before you go back. Just a short run, swim or gym session can sharpen your mind, relax your body and provide you with a little energy boost. Can’t find the time for a long workout, don’t stress, check out this 7 minute workout.

Good luck out there

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