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QUIZ: Learn how to learn!

QUIZ: Learn how to learn!

Let’s face it, studying is for many of us the most annoying part of our college life. Especially if you need to learn things that are heavy, boring, and most probably useless. Or the weather is finally good enough to hit a beach and studying is the last thing you want to do. And sometimes, no matter how long and hard you have tried to study, you just couldn’t really grasp the idea and ended up failing. Well, we have good news for all wannabe nerds! You might have been studying wrong this whole time. And now we are not talking about stuff like sleeping well, eating well, having fresh air or exercising and all the other advice. Let’s be honest, that’s pretty impossible to follow in the exam period. (I mean, how can you say no to a chocolate at 3am night before the exam?!)

What if we told you that, if you would change your learning style, you would be able to study in a much more efficient way than before. And, even more important, you would be able to actually keep all this new knowledge. In that magnificent brain of yours.

We are talking about a way of actual learning, that might not suit you and your abilities to learn. There are in fact, 4 different styles of learning and each of us has a preference for one (or perhaps mix of two or three) of them. Even if so, there is one way that will be a better fit than the other ones. Our quick test will help you to identify your learning style, so you can discover the best learning hacks tailored for it afterward. So, are you ready to ace your next exam?


Let us know about your result in the comments!

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