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How to Be Organized for University Assignments

How to Be Organized for University Assignments

For most of us, uni starts again in the next couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Fresher or if you’re an Oldie like me: It’s always important to stay organized and keep track of all the deadlines and projects coming up. So here are five tips to help you stay organized for these upcoming assignments:


For me, planning really is the most important thing when it comes to being organized. Even when you’re not a To-Do list obsessive like I am, sooner or later you will have to study and work on projects, which can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting uni.

So, get yourself a nice calendar or planner. It really doesn’t matter what kind of calendar. Just make sure you like the layout and enjoy writing things down in it. To-Do Lists are a nice way to plan your day. I always put everything on my To-Do Lists! Like even the smallest task ever – but it just feels nice and motivating to cross something off your list, especially when it comes to assignments.

To-do list - organized

Preparation and Keeping Lectures Organized

Easier said, than done, I know! You actually only want to spend time with your lecture notes when you necessarily have to. Meaning when you’re attending the lecture itself or when you have to last-minute prep for the exam. Believe me, it took me four semesters to finally practice this tip as well. But it makes your life so much easier towards the end of the semester. Try to revise the few lecture slides the professor talked about right after the lecture. It helps you to keep the information in your head. On the other hand, if you try to prep the upcoming lectures slides right before the lecture, it will help you to not only sit there and check your phone all the time but actually pay attention, because you’re not completely clueless.

Studying - Organized

Self-management and Procrastination

You finally have a plan! But what to do now? Let me tell you, I spent so much time creating lists and study plans. The thing is, it won’t help you at all if you don’t start studying or writing. If you’re one of those people getting distracted all the time, you should get rid of every possible thing which could distract from studying. For me it’s usually my phone with all its social media platforms! So what I do is put it into airplane mode – this way it won’t distract me. If you’re someone who likes to procrastinate tasks, the next tip might be good for you. Imagine, you have to write five pages for your essay. Usually after a few minutes we don’t even look at the clock anymore as we’re already in our organized-mode and thinking only of the assignment.

Structure - Organized


All of the tips mentioned above are nice, but how are we gonna stick to them for the whole semester if we don’t reward ourselves? If you have stayed organized and worked hard today, treat yourself! Grab your friends, go out for dinner or to the movies. Do whatever sounds fun! Because otherwise you won’t stay motivated for a whole semester. Especially during exam period it’s more important than ever! Nobody can work effectively for 12 hours a day!

You've got this - organized


Have fun!

Of course, everybody has their own reason why they started uni, but for me it should also be fun! I think we should be part of the semester parties, go out with our fellow students and really get to know the city we chose for our studies. If you want to know more about how to make the best out of your time at uni, just click here.

I really hope the tips helped you! Have fun in the new semester, and remember StuDocu is here to help!

Written by Franzi for StuDocu

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