StuDocu boasts over 850,000 book summaries, past exam papers and lecture notes, but if this number had to be reduced down to a mere 5 documents, what 5 would make the cut. This article provides a summary of our top five most sought after Australian documents. Take a look and see if there’s anything in there that could save your ass this exam period.

#1 Mind, Brain & Behaviour 

University of Melbourne


Although not an official past paper, this document contains 50 carefully constructed questions
and answers in preparation for Mind, Brain and behaviour 1. Each answer is covered in
depth and with extreme precision. If you go through these 50 questions a few times you’ll
be fully equipped to ace this exam with ease. Start practicing now!

#2 Human Biology 

Macquarie University


A vast amount of short questions and answers to put your knowledge to the test.
These quickfire questions can be memorised and practiced easily in short periods of time.
Being tightly packed and condensed makes them easy to read and the answers are clearly highlighted, making practice simple and straightforward.

Take a look!

 #3 Bank Financial Management 

University of New South Wales


Official past exam papers with answers. How better to study for an exam than using
a real past paper. 39 multiple choices questions with answers across 12 pages.
If you’re a student with an upcoming school of banking and finance exam then this
document should be right at the top of your wishlist.

#4 Genes, Cells & Evolution 

University of Queensland


Deeply thought out, long, structured answers to complex and detailed questions. A true
test of your knowledge and ability to answer questions. This document contains well thought
out answers to 10 of the most challenging Genes, Cells & Evolution questions.

#5 Auditing & Assurance Services

Western Sydney University


A comprehensive, detailed answer of an array of auditing and assurance services questions.
Essential viewing for anyone looking to do well in the final exam. Offers full answers to
long answer questions in clear and constructive manner. The two hour exam could prove
to be especially painful if you havent had to chance to look through this document.


So there you have it. These were the top 5 most popular and sought after Australian past exam papers. The rest is up to you, but remember, practice makes perfect.




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