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A bucket list for international students

A bucket list for international students

When people who have never been to Australia get asked what they know about it, they usually talk about the things they have seen on TV. At times they also mention the things they have heard from someone that has visited the country. To most people, Australia is famous for Kangaroos, venomous snakes, breathtaking climate and a tight border security. Nonetheless, there are so many great things that we have not yet discovered about down under. I guess that is why some students embark on a tiresome journey to Australia, especially when coming from Europe. Yes, the journey is tiring, transits are annoying, and do not even mention the jet lag, but is it all worth it? That brings us to the question, why do students put Australia on their bucket list? We all know international students are party animals and adventurists. Being a student myself, I can bet you a euro that the answer to that question is to discover the funnier part of Australia that we do not regularly see or hear of. In addition to that, we need to get a confirmation of the beautiful stories we have heard of and the things we have watched on TV. So, to all the foreign students going to Australia to study, here is a to-do list for you all.


To do list for international students in Australia

  1. Visit the Sydney Opera house

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a famous landmark in Australia, is this beautiful architecture. Just like the Eiffel Tower in France, the London eye in England, or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Australia has the Sydney Opera House. It is a must see for anyone visiting Australia. Taking a selfie or snap chatting with the opera house in the background would be quite unforgettable. Besides, everyone will know you have been to Australia.

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  1. Go surfing

Australia is very well known for being one of the top surfing destinations in the whole wide world. For those international students going to Australia and are passionate about surfing, this is a great opportunity for you to go surfing at some of the best surfing beaches in the whole world. There are so many surfing beaches down under that the choice of which one is the best out of all of them is solely up to you. Moreover, the Australian tourist website lists a number of great surfing spots around the country such as, Manly beach in the north, Margaret River in the west, Safe Cape Bay in the south, the pass at Byron Bay and so many others

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  1. Go partying 

We all know student life includes partying, yes I said it, party! There are several music festivals and parties throughout the year that one can attend. It does not even matter which time of the year you decide to go. You will still be in time for the next festival. Furthermore, do not miss the various Erasmus parties that are organised for foreign students if you are still new in the country. These are definitely good for networking and making new friends. Also, ask your Australian classmates about the best parties around town. There is nothing better than getting first-hand knowledge about parties from locals.

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  1. Go hiking

For the hikers, number 7 is for you. Australia has many great hiking trails that most hikers would fall in love with. I would recommend that you make use of this website and see which trails are to your liking. For those that do not know about the weather in Australia, their seasons differ from ours in Europe. While we are freezing in Europe, Australians are enjoying the summer and vice versa. Additionally, Australia has tropical zones in some parts especially in the north. So, it is important that you get yourself informed about the Australian weather before relocating there.

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  1. Go to the beach

We all love a good beach, especially if it is a white sand beach with crystal blue water. That is definitely what I would call paradise. This is one other reason why Australia is on the bucket list of so many international students. These exotic, breath taking beaches have international students swarming Australian universities. Do not get it twisted, some of us do not only move to another end of the world just to study but also in search for paradise and fun.

beach, crystal blue water, white sand, exotic

  1. Australian Food

Australia is a diversified country with different cultures. The diversity comes with a variety of food that can be found in Australia. Experience the Australian culture by trying the different local dishes while there. Instead of a doughnut, have a bite of a lamington, which is a typical Australian cake.

lamington, cake, australian dish, cuisine, pastry


  1. Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef

If you have a passion for scuba diving, this would be a great experience for you. The Great Barrier Reef located in Queensland is the largest coral reef in the world . It has a variety of rare species that one would not want to miss in a lifetime. Thus, do not forget to pack your scuba diving suit because you could miss out on the heaven under the sea.

coral reef, scuba diving, ocean world

  1. Visit different cities

While attending school, take time to visit the various cities in Australia. Australia does not only have beautiful cities but also top ranking cities worldwide. In case you have a free day or days from school, stop whatever you are doing and take a city trip. If you have a busy week at school, do not worry because you can still do this during the weekend. Besides, you will have enough time to travel around Australia while living and studying there. The country has five major cities namely, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Additionally, the country has other cities besides the 5 major cities that you can visit.

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  1. Make friends with kangaroos

I know most of you have seen kangaroos in the zoos at home. Yet, there is nothing more authentic than going kangaroo spotting in Australia. Get to see kangaroos in their natural habitat as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Australia is not only a beautiful country but it has its own animal species that one cannot find else where in the world.

unique species, kangaroos, spotting, fighting, animals

1. Pass your exchange program

Save the best for the last so, number 1 on my list is to pass your examinations. To all the international students, have a successful study period in Australia besides having a wonderful time. Do not return home with just beautiful stories. Balance the fun and adventure with your school assignments and exams. Come home with not just stories of the adventure but also a degree and good grades. I know buying books can be expensive, thus, I would advise you to go to studocu sign up for free and get yourself hooked with a variety of study materials that would help you pass your exams.

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If you have already been in Australia, please tell us about your experience and if these 26 things are true 🙂

Written by N.I.D.Luzinda

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