September 16, 2016
An exclusive look behind StuDocu’s doors

An exclusive look behind StuDocu’s doors

What is it like to work in one of the fastest growing startups in the heart of The Netherlands? Read on and find out!

The story behind

It all started back in 2010. During their studies, four Dutch students (Jacques, Marnix, Lucas and Sander) from the TU Delft noticed that a lot of study documents were being shared around by students, but there was no central place where all the documents were stored. In order to get that one good summary, you would have to know many people.
Together they founded StuDocu, a website where students can exchange their study documents with each other and together strive to get better grades. Now, 6 years later, has almost 1.000.000 users.

StuDocu's founders

Our team

Any company, startup or project would not work without a great engine. In this case, the team includes nearly 50 people among which are programmers, graphic designers, marketing and accounting professionals, growth managers and interns. Together they help the platform grow in more than 15 different countries. The office is based on one of the canals of Amsterdam. There you will find the informal atmosphere you would expect from a start-up company.

StuDocu's office

How does the day at StuDocu look like?

The working day starts at 09:00. Hard workers are already sitting in their chairs in front of the computers at 08:45. Others usually start with a cup of delicious coffee or tea and have their screens turned off until 09:15. After the productive morning of stand-ups, meetings, steaming printers and hours of concentration, the lunch comes.

When it is 12:30 on the clock all the employees are ready to meet up in the lunch room and make their salads, fight for the fresh avocados and prepare sandwiches with the famous dutch cheese. The break normally ends with some ping-pong and CurveFever tournaments.

To have the most productive day possible, at StuDocu there is also a break at 16:00. During the half an hour some can enjoy the fresh air in the garden when others play foosball or Xbox. When it comes to Friday, after 16:30 everyone is being busy with summing up the results of the week. At the Friday Presentation, every team shows the activities that took place throughout the week and the future projects and ideas.

StuDocu's office life

Work hard play hard

The cherry on top of the Friday afternoon is a bottle of beer or glass of wine. It comes along with some music and chatting with the colleagues.

Every once in while there are themed parties when all the employees can enjoy traditional food and drinks from the specific country, and interesting pop-quizzes when the competitive spirit is being tested. Of course, company outings, boat trips, and casual swimming pools in the garden are being included.

StuDocu's outings

StuDocu’s office is the place where you would want to go to work every morning. Together with students from across the globe, they contribute to the social learning revolution. Do you think you are the fit for StuDocu’s family and would like to contribute to the platform? Check out jobs page and maybe there is an opening for the professional like you!

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