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Study Tips: How to succeed in college

Study Tips: How to succeed in college

When it comes to studying, the most common question students ask is how much time should be devoted to studying? A realistic answer to that question is, it’s different for everyone. However, a good rule of thumb is that: For every credit unit, you should expect to study 2 to 3 hours per week on your own.

With this rule of thumb, a student taking a 3 credit unit course should expect to spend 6 to 9 hours each week studying on their own. As a guideline, you can divide your study time as follows.

If you spend less time studying than the suggested guidelines, you probably can improve your grade by studying more. If you study more than the suggested guidelines and your grade is still on the low side, you are probably studying inefficiently. Therefore, you should review your study method or consider talking to your school councilor.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about some general study techniques that can improve the effectiveness of your studies. 

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General strategies for studying

  • Review previous exams and read book summaries to improve your study efficiency.
  • Attend classes: Listening to lectures and participating actively in class discussions is among the best methods of learning. It is much more effective than reading lecture slides or other people’s notes.
  • Plan your time effectively: You don’t always have to pull an all-nighter before your homework is due or before exams. Studying few hours each day is much more effective and far less painful.
  • Ask for help: Learn to ask for help when you have problems, it will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Collaborate with Study Partners: Working with friends can be very valuable when solving difficult problems as you can all brainstorm for a solution. However, be sure to learn with your friends and not depend on them.
  • Take Regular Study Breaks: Regular short breaks improve your productivity and focus. The break can take the form of a 10 minutes’ walk or a chat with a friend.
  • Find a Healthy Balance: It is crucial to establish a healthy balance in life. Try not to take on too much at a time and try to participate in other activities to replenish your energy.


Study, college, study tips, study techniques, study strategy, succeed college


Writing assignments

  • Your assignments should always be well organized and easy to read. Even though it may require extra effort, it serves an important purpose and it will tell on your grades.
  • Your writings should be self-contained. Always ask yourself if your teacher or colleague will understand exactly what you are trying to say after reading your work.
  • Use proper grammar, sentence, and spelling as well as the right paragraph structure. They enhance the quality of your work.
  • Use illustrations when needed and always double check your work.
  • Pay attention to details. Teachers and future employers expect quality work.

There is really no straitjacket approach when it comes to studying or how to succeed in college. Everybody is different therefore you should find out what works best for you.

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This blog is written by Sadiq Odunsi for StuDocu.com


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