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The smell of cinnamon and hot mulled wine is filling the air around us. The streets are full of warm colored lights. Christmas songs are already invading our radio and YouTube searches. The shops are brimming with people thinking of Christmas gifts.

Yes, December is around the corner and we are getting excited!

We came up with a list of all the things you can do in December and no other time of the year. Since it is the home of StuDocu (and of us bloggers!), we concentrated on Amsterdam and the Netherlands, but we invite you to check what you can do in your own cities and write to us with your ideas.

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Sinterklaas is quite important in the Netherlands.

Based on Dutch ‘legend’, Sinterklaas is a historical figure based on Saint Nicholas, a Greek bishop of Myra, who was a patron saint of children.

As the story goes, he retired to Spain and now each year, in mid-November, he arrives by a steamboat at a designated seaside town (that changes every year!) in the Netherlands. Once the steamboat anchors, Sinterklaas disembarks and parades through the streets on his horse, welcoming the children who are cheering and singing traditional Sinterklaas songs.

In the weeks between mid-November and 5th December, he also visits schools, hospitals and shopping centers. The legend says, that he rides his white horse over the rooftops at night and deliver gifts through the chimney of the well-behaved children. The children fill their shoes with carrots or some other snacks for the horse in front of the chimney or radiator. Traditionally, the naughty children risk being caught by Black Pete who is accompanying Sinterklaas.

Every country has its own tradition. Let us know about yours int he comment section!

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Ice skating is a well known winter sport and we love it! It is perfect for a romantic date or for a fun evening out with friends.

Once the fresh winter air permeates, some cities will build an outdoor ice-skating rink. There are many different ones in Amsterdam and we are excited to try every single one of them. Put your gloves and hat on, get into your cozy jacket and swing around the ice-skating rink on your skates!

Make our day better by posting a picture of your own experience on the ice-skates!


Have you ever attended a light festival?

Amsterdam is about to open its doors to the 7th edition of the Light Festival! Local and foreign artist will come to create 30 artworks made of lights. We are curious and excited to see what they have prepared! Celebrating the festive season with the loved ones, sipping on a Christmassy drink whilst being surrounded by glowing pieces of art, is the best way! Also, with the nights getting colder and the daylight dimming quicker, the lights might be just the warming hug we need.

An interesting fact: many companies offer special canal cruises to see the Light Festival where you can sit, relax and drink some mulled wine, which we highly recommend!

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Market places are loved by many people, but Christmas markets have this special something. The holiday spirit around us, the smell of Christmas in the air, the urgency of buying the right gifts for our loved ones are all things make Christmas market the perfect spot for shopping. Local artists, designers and creatives get together to share their amazing work with all of us. You can simply enjoy the environment without even buying anything!

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Have you ever been to a Winter Ballet Show? This year could be the perfect opportunity to cross it off your bucket list.

The magic of music, dancing and body art can be the right gift for an art-lover. Buying good tickets for Winter Ballet shows is the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself.

We know that tickets for Ballet Show or Theatre shows can be very expensive. However, there are ways to find cheaper tickets – you just need to know when and where to look. One of the ways to get a cheaper price is booking last minute or checking Facebook events in case someone is selling their ticket. It is also very smart to look for discounts available online, especially for students, pre-professionals or groups and families. Also, sometimes if you buy a monthly or yearly ticket, you can save money!

For instance, Amsterdam offers a ballet show about Cinderella. Fairy tales are not for a specific age – no matter how old you are, a magical story always suits the festive season!

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Valhalla Festival in Amsterdam is for house and techno lovers and it is firmly established as a Dutch holiday tradition. Annually. Valhalla Festival puts together an enviable lineup of cutting edge talent. Be prepared to get out there and party all night long!

Write to us about your experiences in the comment section.

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In Amsterdam we have an annual winter parade that offers theatre, music, dance and delicious cuisine at a 12m long table! The table is used as a stage for a diverse program and much as dinner table. Winter Parade is a mix of stories, encounters and being together. If you are new to town, this can be just the place to meet new people from all around the world. You will spend the most wonderful time of the year with new friends, and be sure to have some great Christmas memories!

Is there anything similar in your city? If not, it is never too late to start such a tradition!

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The end of the year is coming, but how to say goodbye to the past and leap into the New Year? Our idea is a nice fancy dinner with family and friends, with a fire-works show to conclude the evening, for instance. Make sure to have the time of your life. We recommend you to eave the year behind and prepare yourself to start your new year in a magical and unforgettable way.

Please, let us know about your New Year’s tradition!

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Written by Nives for Studocu

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