January 08, 2018
Worst Canadian Universities in 2018

Worst Canadian Universities in 2018

Canada is home to some world’s best Universities. That said, someone has to end up on top, and at the bottom. These Canadian Universities ranked worst in the country based on QS Top Universities 2018 World University Rankings. Schools are ranked on six key factors: Academic Reputation, Citations per Faculty, Employer Reputation, Faculty to Student Ratio, International Faculty, and International Student Body.

We asked ourselves: what’s so bad about them?

5. Université de Sherbrooke

worst canadian university canada school universities sherbrooke Canadian universities

This francophone University is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec with a second campus just outside Montreal. Although 5th on our list, it should by no means be underestimated. It’s programs and academic excellence are valued worldwide, and each year, l’Université de Sherbrooke attracts more than 82% of it’s students from out of region. It’s doors have long been opened and it is currently home to over 2,200 students from over 96 countries around the world.

4. Carleton Universityworst canadian university canada school universities carlton Canadian universities

Carleton University is located in Canada’s beautiful capital: Ottawa. It offers a wide range of programs, and has a particularly strong department of Public Affairs. It is a leading research hub and is known for it’s constantly increasing academic excellence that continues to attract external funding.

3. University of Windsor

worst canadian university canada school universities windsor Canadian universities

University of Windsor is Canada’s southernmost university, sitting next to North America’s busiest international border crossing, also facing a majestic waterfront view of the Detroit River. Sitting right next to the boarder, it’s no surprise that Windsor is known for it’s diverse student body and internationally oriented education. It is a place many students from all over the world call home.

2. Memorial University Newfoundland

worst canadian university canada school universities ryseron Canadian universities

Memorial University is located in St. Johns. Newfoundland. It is a relatively young school, only receiving degree-granting status in 1949, and today has only a total of around 19,000 students. It is home to a comprehensive marine institute and is known for a strong engineering, geology and medicine program. The waterside campus is a real twist to many of it’s urban city counterparts, but this really only adds to its charm.

1. Ryerson University

worst canadian university canada school universities ryseron Canadian universities

Ryerson takes the cake for Canada’s worst University this year, falling 100 spots below it’s last year’s rank. Bear in mind, it still made it to the top 800 Universities in the world. Ryerson is nonetheless considered an innovation powerhouse, known for career-focused education and an entrepreneurial spirit. Located in the busiest intersection of Downtown Toronto, Ryserson sits in the middle of a thriving Urban Jungle – it’s no wonder it’s one of the most applied to Canadian Universities.

Although labeled some of Canada’s Worst Universities, these schools are by no means bad.There is something to be said about Canadian Universities!

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Written by Julia S for Studocu


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