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Your Best First Impression

Your Best First Impression

Are you graduating and entering the employment market soon? You might need to change some characteristics to make yourself a little bit more likeable in the so-called adult world. Everyone has her or his own unique personality. However, you probably need a job soon and you can’t rely on your diploma and knowledge only. During your many interviews and jobs in the early stage you need to be liked and respected. Your first impression counts for everything. The following tips might be useful.

1. Punctuality

Be on time! When you show up late to interviews or any important meeting always leaves a bad impression. There might be a moment that you overslept or that you’re stuck in traffic, however try to avoid these situations in the beginning. The boss or manager might be understanding, but they will appreciate it more if your punctuality is on fleek. It show dedication and that your respect the time of whom it might concern!

2. Confidence

This trait should be part of your personality. Even though it is not just something that cannot been seen from the outside, a good trained manager can feel it. It is important that he or she has the feeling that you can be trusted. It ensures them that you can finish your tasks, you are ready for some hard work, you are able to handle confidential information, and more importantly – you can be the one that they can have a personal conversation with even if it is not work related.

3. Handshake

Give a strong (but not painful) handshake at the first interaction. It will positively reflect as a strong and confident personality – and let that be what most companies look for. Managers have a hard time seeing the difference between gentle or scared when the offered handshake is too weak.

4. Shoes



Male or female, it does not matter – we all love buying shoes. When it comes to job interviews we have to be care on which pair to wear. According to research, people tend to judge on the other’s choice of shoes. Which makes sense. The colour, style and condition can say enough about a person. To save yourself from a huge fail: don’t wear your three year old Uggs when applying for a job.

5. Compliments

Saying something nice is always appreciated. Saying that you like a painting or piece of piece of clothing, can always win you some extra credits. Don’t overact it, because there comes to a certain extent where it is not genuine anymore.

6. Nails

More important than what you’re wearing, is personal hygiene. The best body part to judge someone level of neat and cleanliness are the nails (even for men)! Horrible condition, over-painted, or nail-biting reflects negatively on someone’s personality. Healthy nails and plain nails are considered more sanitary and professional. Just put yourself in the shoes the interviewee – with what hands would you rather share a handshake with.

7. Handwriting

In a world where electronics are becoming more important day by day, the old fashioned way of writing with a pen is very important. There are different studies that show the reflections of handwriting on someone’s personality. The bigger the handwriting the more extrovert, the smaller the handwriting the more introvert.

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    There is certainly a lot to know about this topic. I like all the points you have made.

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      Thanks Jason! And indeed, it it quite important to consider this.

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