October 18, 2017
8 Awesome Classes You Can Actually Take in Canada

8 Awesome Classes You Can Actually Take in Canada

Canadian universities are known for their leading research, diverse student bodies and top notch programs. But that’s not to say they don’t know how to have fun. Here are 8 awesome classes that definitely do not disappoint.

1. The Caring Clown I

Ryerson University

Become a clown with a purpose! This class develops students’ imagination, spontaneity and musicality. It is actually part of a larger initiative called The Caring Clown Program in which students take a series of awesome classes and learn to bringing cheer to patients in long-term care facilities.

2. Introduction to Wine Science

awesome classes university canada wine betty white studocu

University of British Columbia

Student’s might be surprised how complex wine-making really is. This course examines the wine making process from start to finish, from the chemistry behind making the right wine to the final tasting. It’ll definitely make you appreciate wine that much more – if that’s even possible.

3. The Science of Batman

University of Victoria

A rather scientific approach to our batty friend. This class uses the super hero icon to explore the science behind human anatomy and the extreme potential (and limits) of the physical body.

4. Hockey Nation: Sports History and Canadian Identity

awesome classes university canada hockey fans studocu

University of Victoria

Hockey in Canada is no laughing matter. This course in Hockey History maps the sport’s upbringing all the way back to the pre-industrial era. It explores hockey’s roots and connections to other sports on and off the ice.

5. Brewing Science: The History, Culture And Science Of Beer

King’s University College

Don’t be fooled by the name, you most definitely will not be crackin’ open a cold one in the football field bleachers for this course. You’ll learn about topics like bacteriology and thermodynamic theory. It definitely makes for great conversation next time you’re kicking em’ back, right?

6. Religion and Disney: Not Just Another Mickey Mouse Course

awesome classes university canada mickey mouse studocu

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Who knew our favorite little critter had more to it than laughs and show-tunes? This course examines the underlying religious themes found throughout the Disney movies and the Walt Disney enterprise.

7. Harry Potter

Nipissing University

In this course, students explore the themes found in the famous Harry Potter literature franchise like romance, christian myth, race, gender, fandom, and trust us, the list goes on. This cultural phenomenon really is a theme gold-mine. Maybe they should just open an entire school dedicated to it, any takers?

8. Gangsters, Good-fellas and Wiseguys: North American Perspectives of Organized Crime

awesome classes university canada goodfellas studocu

Wilfrid Laurier University

This course delves into organized crime in famous cities like Montreal and Las Vegas. Students gain an in depth look into the world of organized crime, it’s history, trends, and most notorious gangsters past and present. That sounds pretty bad-ass if you ask us.

If you’ve taken any of these awesome classes, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. For help with any of your other courses, head over to StuDocu for summaries, essays and past exams.

Written by Julia Stamp for StuDocu

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