Studying for an upcoming exam, that dreaded period of your life spent with your head firmly burrowed in endless piles of notes, books and summaries. Here we’ve compiled a list of 7 tips that aim to ease the pain that studying causes. You’re welcome…

1 Create a study schedule

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There’s nothing worse than getting lost and overwhelmed in what, when and how you’re studying. By creating a detailed study schedule you can easily keep on track of when you’re supposed to be studying, what topics and for how long. Find free printable study resources here.

2 Experiment with new study methods & exam techniques

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One of the worst study mistakes you can make is to only stick to one type of studying. By experimenting with new techniques you can learn what suits you best. It may be that you learn one subject best through repetition and another through creating visually appealing posters. It’s proven that we’re all different types of learners, find out what type of learner you are here.

3 Get enough sleep

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If time is against you it’s tempting to sacrifice precious sleeping hours for studying. This is very unlikely to have a positive impact on results. Without at least 8 hours sleep your brain won’t function to its full potential. Make sure you get some good rest before studying for your exams and especially the night before the exam itself.

4 Meet with your professor 

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Nobody knows the exam more inside-out than your professor. Their advice and guidance is essential if you want to ace your exams. They’ve seen previous students pass and fail the exam you’re preparing to take, there’s nobody better equipped to tell you what you need to know.

5 Teach others what you know


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It’s scientifically proven that teaching others what you know will help you to learn information by heart. Explaining information you’ve studied to others helps you to simplify it and this does wonders for lodging this information deep within your memory.

6 Leave your phone behind

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It may seem obvious and tedious, but placing your phone out of your study space and mostly your mind is very important. Studying requires a clear mind and that can’t be achieved with your phone constantly buzzing. Allow yourself small intervals every hour or so to reply to texts and scroll through your instagram feed, but don’t have it by your side throughout.


*This excludes using your phone to view or download documents on  StuDocu.

7 Eat and drink well

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I won’t have to tell you this twice. Avoid unhealthy snacks and greasy foods, these make you feel sluggish and slow. Instead, opt for fruit or veg, this will keep your mind sharp and focused during your study periods. Check out Brainfood for studying for a list of the best foods to increase your concentration.


So there we have it. With these tips you should be able to ace your upcoming exams with ease.


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