June 28, 2018
2.5 Million Users: StuDocu Stats

2.5 Million Users: StuDocu Stats

We’ve reached a milestone: 2.5 million people use StuDocu. Do you know how many that is? A LOT.  All these people have access to over 2 million documents and have been using these to study for their degrees and help them to pass their exams. In case you missed it, here’s an epic GIF of the exact moment!


StuDocu 2.5 million users moment


To celebrate, we’ve created an infographic to give you some stats about our company and illustrate just how wide our reach is.

StuDocu statistics 2.5 million users


If you haven’t visited the site or uploaded a document yet, what are you waiting for? Get involved by sharing and benefit from loads of other study material while you’re doing it. You can sign up and upload here.


Written by Phoebe SC for StuDocu

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