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The 11 Most Impressive School Buildings

The 11 Most Impressive School Buildings

Students tend to be quite – let’s say – patriotic when it comes to their university. Which is very normal of course, we define ourselves as students to this particular university as we are part of it. But imagine studying in a university building so gorgeous or extraordinary that it is famous all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that. So we collected the 11 most impressive school buildings. Check it out, maybe your impressive university is mentioned here as well!

#1 Oxford University, Oxford, England, U.K.


Built between the 15th and 20th century


#2 UGSM-Monarch Business School, Aargau, Switzerland


Built in the 19th century


#3 Novancia Business School, Paris, France

Novancia Business School

Built in 2011


#4 Singapore Management University School of Law, Li Ka Shing Library

Li Ka Shing Library

Built in 2006


#5 Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business, La Sierra University, California, USA

Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business

Built in 2012


#6 Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen, The Netherlands


Built in the 16th century


#7 Stowe school, Buckinghamshire, England, U.K.

Stowe school

Built in 15th Century


#8 Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Moscow, Russia


Built in 2010


#9 University of Michigan Law School, South Hall, Michigan, USA

University of Michigan Law School

Build in 19th century


#10 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology College of Business, Melbourne, Australia

RMIT College of Business

Built in 2012


#11 Makoko Floating School, Ibrahim Babangida Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria


Built in 2013

This one deserves an explanation. Often schools are not easily accessible for all students over there. This floating school makes it easier to commute to school day by day, by simply rowing to the school building.

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