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10 types of student you will find in every classroom

10 types of student you will find in every classroom

No matter what and where do you study, or what kind of student are you, you will meet these 10 individuals everywhere…

1. Miss Perfect

amy schumer, miss perfect

A student called ‘Miss perfect” is at every lecture and in every tutorial, always in the first row. An in-class discussion wouldn’t be complete without her input. In addition, she tends to angrily turn around and shush people who are making a bit of noise in the class. Although you hate her, you try to stay friendly because her notes are just perfect (with colorful headings).

2. The Encyclopedia

genius, smart guy, student

This guy is incredibly smart. The most annoying part is that he doesn’t even need to study, he just knows stuff. Maths? Never opened the book, aced it. Human anatomy is one of his hobbies. Moreover, he is good at sports as well. He is favourite student of all the teachers – and of all the students because he is actually a cool guy.

3. The Ghost

homer, ghost

You saw him at the beginning of the year for the first and also the last time. He never shows up at any lecture or tutorial. He comes back to life regularly three days before the deadline or before the exams. In those periods he messages everyone to ask what needs to be done and from what he should study. You really don’t understand that you see him at the beginning of a new year again. Seriously, how the hell did he pass??

4. The Chatterbox

chatterbox, smart, fake

This type of student is the best in everything, was everywhere, know everyone. This guy seems like such interesting person, with an incredible life. He is also a bit intimidating because he is just too good to be true. You feel very blessed when you get the honour to be with him in the project team. But then, he doesn’t do shit. All he does is talking, while the real work is left for you. 

5. The Party Queen

beyonce, party, diva

She is hot and she knows it. Her outfit and makeup are always on point. You don’t really see her in the morning as she needs to sleep through the hangover from last night. There is no party she would be missing. Also, there is no gossip that she wouldn’t know about. She usually has a group of loyal followers who do everything she does. Wake up girls, it’s not a high school anymore!

6. The Panicker

fainting, panic, worrier

Already in the first lecture, this student is having high blood pressure when she sees what is required for the course. As the deadline or exams come closer, she is becoming paler and quieter. The day before the exam she doesn’t eat or sleep, looks like a zombie and is almost suicidal. She is for sure not going to pass the exam. At least that’s what she says. After the exam, she is depressed for two hours and informs everyone about how badly she screwed up. At the end, she has the best grade, obviously.

7. The Casanova

hot guy, abs, gym addict

A student named The Casanova has huge arms and extremely ripped abs. He needs to walk in the room sideways – otherwise, he won’t fit in. At least half of the girls in the class think they are his girlfriends. Naturally, they don’t know about each other. However, he is not really a relationship type of guy. He was probably badly broken-hearted back in high school which he now compensates by sleeping with everything that moves.

8. The Hippie

hippie, the 70s show, weed, conspiration

Flower power is still alive, at least in the closet and mind of The hippie. He likes to have long deep debates about politics, peace and war and sense of life. He doesn’t really want to live on this planet anymore, that’s how fucked up it is. Moreover, he doesn’t take showers that much, but only because the energy usage is way too high. Oh, and he smokes weed every day. It helps him to be creative when he is composing guitar music.

9. The Forever Student

grandma, advice

She is 5 or more years older than anyone else. She has already studied 3 different programmes, but nothing was really made for her. This time, she is convinced that it is going to be the right one. Anyhow, you really want to be a friend of her, because she is older and wiser, and just has more experience in basically everything. She always complains about the immaturity of all the male half of the class. You might or might not see her at the beginning of the second year.

10. The Soulmate

besty, friends, soulmate

You sat next to each other in the first lecture, started chatting and since then, you are inseparable. It was some magic higher power that brought two of you together. You go through every single thing together, share every experience, every bottle, every gossip. She is the one to make you freaking out less by sentences like : “I don’t understand shit either.” and ”I haven’t started yet too.” She is there when you feel like partying and also when you feel like stabbing everyone. She will hopefully stay around for a loooong time.


Written by Nina Vysna

for www.studocu.com

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