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10 Awesome movies & Surprising facts

10 Awesome movies & Surprising facts

Your favourite movies might have had totally different main characters. You might have loved the ending as it is or you would have loved to have a different ending. In this blog, the surprising facts of 10 outstanding movies will be discussed. Did they make the right decision? It is up to you to decide.

Warning: If you didn’t watch the following movies (Interstellar, Inception, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Shutter Island, The Sixth Sense, Furious 7, Whiplash, Schindler’s List and Forest Gump), there are spoilers ahead.

1. Interstellar (2014)

Movie, Interstallar

Plot: This movie shows us Earth’s near future, which is plagued by disasters, famines, and droughts. Cooper, a former engineer and pilot, lives on a farm together with his daughter Murph, son Tom and his father. As people on Earth realise that their time here will come to an end shortly, Cooper comes across a NASA base near his farm and is asked to attempt a mission to find a new home together with other scientists. He is forced to choose between staying or going on the mission to save the human race but risk never seeing his children again.

Surprising fact: In the final sequence of Interstellar, we see Cooper being sucked into the black hole, hoping to send data to his daughter on Earth through a 5th dimension tesseract. It is the ending that left many confused and trying to get a grip of the theory. The original ending, on the other hand, was quite straightforward and easy to comprehend. In that version, the wormhole collapses as Cooper tries to send the data back to his daughter. Although this is not exactly the ending of the movie, it would have definitely had an impact on the movie’s ending. It is uncertain in which way this might have changed the ending, but one thing is for sure, it would have left fewer people confused at the end of it.

2. Inception (2010)

Movie, Inception

Plot: Cobb, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, is a thief. But not just your common thief, he does not break into people’s offices, homes or computer, he is very skilled at stealing your valuable secrets from deep within your subconscious. While you are dreaming. This way of life has cost him everything that he loves, but now he is offered the chance of a lifetime for redemption. On his last job, he does need to steal an idea but plant one. This movie explores the expansive subconscious, is awfully complex and it might take several times of rewatching to fully understand.

Surprising fact: The roles of the team in Inception are based on the roles used in filmmaking. Cobb is the director, Arthur is the producer, Ariadne is the production designer, Eames is the actor, Saito is the studio, and Fischer is the audience. The main characters are Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito and if you take the first letter of their names, they spell “Dreams”. Also if you add Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf, it will spell “Dreams pay”, they are mind thieves after all.

3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Movie, Shawshank Redemption

Plot: Andy Dufrene had a very normal life. He had a cheating wife, who doesn’t these days? and a great job as a banker. However, everything comes to an end when he is wrongly accused and imprisoned for killing his wife and her lover. He is imprisoned in Shawshank, where he befriends Red and other inmates, and gains their respect.

Surprising fact: The touching ending that we all know might not have happened if it were up to Darabont. He envisioned the movie ending with Red searching for Andy and if he would have been allowed to shoot the ending as he wanted. We would now remember how it ended with Red sitting on a bus, heading towards the field, leaving the audience to wonder whether the two will reunite or not. Castle Rock, on the other hand, wanted a reunion between the two, to please the audience. The ending as we know it was, therefore a compromise of Darabont’s and Castle Rock’s vision. Instead of showing the audience a teary reunion, we see things from a distance, with Red approaching Andy on the beach.

4. The Green Mile (1999)

Movie, The green mile

Plot: There is no doubt that most of you already know the plot, but to refresh your memory, here is a short plot summary. The Green Mile (1999) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994) have more in common than you think. They are only 5 years apart, production of both was led by Darabont and both are based on Stephen King’s novels. The movie centres around Paul Edgecomb, a Death row prison guard in the 1930’s, and his encounter with the prisoner John Coffey. John is accused of murdering two children, but the truth is a different story.

Surprising fact: The role of paul Edgecomb almost went to John Travolta. Luckily, he rejected it, because we loved Tom Hanks in this role. Stephen King was also delighted with this choice. What’s more, Michael Clarke Duncan who plays John Coffey, was introduced to Darabont by Bruce Willis.

5. Shutter Island (2010)

Movie, Shutter Island

Plot: Shutter Island is a thriller set in 1954. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo Dicaprio) is appointed to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Boston’s Shutter island Ashecliffe Hospital. As a spectator, you are kept on the edge of your seat and are just as confused about the puzzling and improbable clues as Teddy Daniels. You will wonder if Teddy’s memory, partner or sanity are to be trusted.

Surprising fact: The movie’s title “Shutter Island” is an anagram for both “Truths and Lies” and “Truths and Denials”.

6. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Movie, Sixth sense

Plot: After a confrontation with one of his ex-patients, child psychologist Malcom Crowe, is wounded and the ex-patient commits suicide. Not long after Crowe gets a visit from the 9-year old boy Cole. Who claims that he can see dead people, who do not know they are dead. Crowe spends a lot of time with the boy in the hopes of helping him. Soon he realises, that Cole may be seeing dead people after all. Leading to a big surprise at the end of the movie.

Surprising fact: If you have a Vista Series DVD of the movie and the Main Menu is left idle long enough, a discordant note will play as a ghost walks past the breakfast table on the screen. One more detail in the movie that you might have wondered about is the Latin phrase that Cole speaks when he first meets Malcolm. He says “De profundis clamo ad te domine”, which translates to “Out of the depths, I cry to you, O Lord”. They are the first few words of Psalm 130 in the Book of Psalms.

7. Furious 7 (2015)

Movie, Furious 7

Plot: Everyone remembers the tragic death of actor Paul Walker. This threw the future of the Fast and Furious series into doubt. In fact, he was in the middle of filming Furious 7 and no one was sure if it could be completed. However, through creativity and perseverance, the filmmakers put together a beautiful film by using stand-ins and effects work. It ended up being the best-reviewed movie of the series. In Furious 7, Torretto and his team reunite to stop Shaw and retrieve the God’s Eye program. A program which can turn any technological device into a weapon.

Surprising fact: The Fast & Furious series and X-Men franchises often have the same release year. X-Men 2 (2003) and 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Fast & Furious (2009), X-Men: First Class (2011) and Fast Five (2011), and The Wolverine (2013) and Fast & Furious 6 (2013). Furious 7 was also supposed to be released in 2014, the same as X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). However, the release date was pushed back due to paul Walkers death.

8. Whiplash (2014)

Movie, Whiplash

Plot: Andrew Neiman is a young and skilled drummer that wants to be the best. One day he meets Fletcher, who is a perfectionist and tyrannical instructor. He pushes Neiman to his limit, who literally has to put blood, sweat and tears into practising. At some point, some dramatic things happen between the two. Neiman walks off from a chance at reaching the top. However, he soon returns and starts playing the notoriously complicated “Whiplash”, leaving everyone stunned. This movie is included in the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”. Definitely try watching it if you didn’t already.

Surprising fact: One of the most surprising facts must be that the film was shot in only 19 days. Also fun to know; similar pronunciation of the word “Whiplash” in Thai language is “whip pa laad” meaning ‘be mad, be insane’. Perfectly suiting the film’s theme.

9. Schindler’s List (1993)

Movie, Schindler's List


Plot: Schindler’s List is a movie based on an incredible true story. Oskar Schindler was a proud and greedy businessman, who in the end saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews. He joins the Nazi party mainly for political advantage and he staffs his factory with Jewish workers for similar reasons. As the SS starts to exterminate Jews in the Krakow ghetto, he makes sure that his workers are protected in order to keep the factory in operation. Before long he realises that by doing this, he is also saving lives.

Surprising fact: The girl in the red coat, who was a symbol of innocence in the movie, was real. She appears during the liquidation of the ghetto in the movie. The name of the real girl was Roma Ligocka, a survivor of the Krakow Ghetto. Later on, she went on to write a biography about surviving the Holocaust called; The Girl in the Red Coat.

10. Forest Gump (1994)

Movie, Forest Gump

Plot: The movie follows the life of Forrest Gump, a man that faces many turbulences during his life but does not let that interfere with his happiness. He has a below average IQ, leg braces and was even shot. He turns the setbacks in his life into something good for him. Throughout his life, he can only think of his childhood friend, Jenny Curran.

Surprising fact: This is the second movie in which Tom Hanks gets a role which was originally offered to and refused by John Travolta. Another interesting fact to know. When you will feel hungry and you are one of these areas you should know that Forrest and Dan’s Shrimp Emporium “Bubba Gump” has now become a themed restaurant in 33 locations. They are present in the U.S., Japan, Orlando, Florida Mexico, Malaysia, Philipines, Indonesia and the UK.



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