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Affordable Vacations List for a Student

Affordable Vacations List for a Student

Europe is well-known for its diversity in ancient architecture, culture and history. And with that, this beautiful continent attracts a lot of tourists worldwide especially students. Nevertheless, usually students are not too financially stable to afford a 5 star vacation. Therefore, this list of affordable vacations is perfect for students who like to explore and discover new places; from Riga to Berlin and Warsaw to Lisbon at a low cost.

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#1 – Prague

(Czech Republic)

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
The Charles Bridge, crossing the Poltava river

First on the list of affordable vacations is Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Nicknamed “The City of a Hundred Spires” it’s known for its Old Town Square. This is the heart of its historic core.

Recommended clubs/bars in Prague

  • Cross club/ one of the coolest clubs with drum n bass, dub step, techno or house. There are two music stages and many smaller or bigger rooms
  • Red Room/ Prague’s best live music bar
  • Hemingway bar/ enjoy the best cocktails in Prague
  • Bugsy’s Bar/ Nice cocktail bar with a comfortable atmosphere and affordable drinks

    Prices in Prague



  • Sir toby’s hostel (9.1 rating) Average price is 14 euros a night and offers free WiFi. It is close to two amazing clubs, connected to trams, supermarket and an ATM two blocks away. It has everything you could need without dealing with the noise in the center.
  • Hostel one prague (9.5 rating) Average Price is 25 euros a night and offers Free WiFi. It’s a hostel perfectly designed for backpackers and a lot of international staff. The staff loves to refer themselves as professional party people.

Two-thirds of the population in Prague uses metro, trams and buses to get around. The metro will go over long distances in a matter of minutes. For those distances that are not reachable by metro, taking a tram from the nearest metro station will do.

#2 – Riga


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
The cultural center of Riga

Riga is number 2 on our list of affordable vacations. Riga is capital city which is located on the Baltic Sea. It’s considered a cultural center and is home to many museums and concert halls.The city is also known for its wooden buildings and medieval Old Town. In Old Town you’ll find Livu Square, which is filled with bars and nightclubs.

Recommended Bars/clubs in Riga

  • La Rocca Revolution/ admission is only 5-7 euros. An admission pass buys you in for a variety of different clubs. Drinks are also reasonably priced.
  • Nabaklab/ Hip music club in a half basement to watch a live band or dance to DJs
  • Piens/ hottest cocktail bar in town. it has two large terraces and funky eclectic interior, it is colorful hip and laid back
  • Puce (The owl)/ Cozy atmosphere, and unique interior. Many affordable beers and cocktails in the city’s busiest nightlife street.

    Prices in Riga

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

According to Airbnb, in late spring the average price for an accommodation is $57 per night for 1-4 people. In summer it’s on average $58 for 1-4 people.

Best Hostels in Riga

  • Seagulls Garret Hostel (9.1 Rating)- offers guests free WiFi. Dorms range from 8 euros a night and privates from 30 euros a night.
  • Tree House Hostel (9.8 Rating)- Guest get free WiFi, free breakfast. Their dorms range from 13 euros a night and privates from 40 euros a night.

Riga has 9 tram lines, 19 trolleybus routes and 53 bus routes that operate from as early as 05:00 to as late as 01:00. The most efficient way to get around Riga is by bus, due to the 53 bus routes and the regular timetables.

#3 – Warsaw


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordbale vacations
The modern skyscrapers of Warsaw

Warsaw is the sprawling capital of Poland. Warsaw had a turbulent history, and the variety in architecture reflects this; from Gothic churches to Soviet-era blocks to modern skyscrapers. After WW II, the people of Warsaw restored the the city’s Old Town. Here you’ll find pastel buildings and open-air cafes.

Recommended bars and clubs in Warsaw

  • Piw Paw/the most impressive beer place ever with 91 taps. It is open 24/7
  • Warszawa Powisle-/a bar that everyone knows. Its little square usually crowded in the summertime.
  • Plan B/ always a good plan for a great night out in the heart of Warsaw with a student atmosphere
  • The Alchemist Gastropub/ super cool, new trendy and unlike any other place in the city center. Great value for your money as well, and great cocktails.
  • Club 70-2/dance floors and 3 bars in an atmospheric brick basement playing 70s, 80s and 90s dance music.

Prices in Warsaw

Best hostels in Warsaw

  • Fest Hostel (9.3 Rating)- Free WiFi and free breakfast. Dorms range from 12 euros a night and privates are from 37 euros a night.
  • Warsaw downtown Hostel (9.1 Rating) – Free WiFi and free breakfast. Dorms range from 15 euros a night and privates from 41 euros a night.

The name of the organisation responsible for public transport in Warsaw is Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego, or ZTM. They make it possible to travel either by tram, bus, metro and urban rapid rail lines. Transport operates daily from 5 am to 11 pm.

#4 – Manchester


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
The city of Manchester by night

Considering how expensive other cities in England are, We can gladly say that Manchester is relatively affordable. Hence, making it to the affordable vacations list. Manchester is one of the many major cities in England and the main city of Greater Manchester. It is a beautiful English city with a variety of culture and history at each of its corners. For the football lovers, Manchester is also home to two of the major Premier League teams. These are Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester is also well known for its rich industrial heritage as it was the first industrious city in the world.

Recommended bars/clubs while in Manchester

  • Tiger Tiger Manchester/ This 8 roomed bar will give you a very unforgettable experience. From the groovy wonderland to white room, you are bound to have a terrific time there. However, mind you dress code, no sportswear allowed.
  • The Death Institute/ located in close proximity with a university, it is a student’s paradise with a variety of activities ranging from live gigs to club nights.
  • Walkabout/ An Australian themed bar gives you the Aussie feeling. A sports bar and one of the finest in the city of Manchester.
  • Sinclair’s Oyster Bar/ a very old school bar and one of the cheapest with a large selection of beer for the beer lovers.

    Prices in Manchester

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

Hostel world offers affordable accommodation deals with free WiFi. An accommodations that has a rating of 8 or higher will cost you in 35 dollars a night for a dorm on average. A private room goes for 130 dollars as an average price.

Best recommended Affordable Hostels/hotels

  • Elton Bank Hotel (8.3 rating)/ a family run hotel that offers a tranquil park side of Manchester. Elton bank hotel is the highest rated accommodation in Manchester. It offers free WiFi to the guests and a room on average costs 30 dollars.
  • Hatters at Hilton chambers (9 rating)/ a hostel in the heart of Manchester that offers free breakfast and WiFi to its guests. Hatters at Hilton chambers has a rating of 8. A dorm room in this hostel goes for 25 dollars a night.

In terms of transport, there’s no need to worry, as there is an abundance of ways to travel through Manchester. With the metro shuttle and busses, you will be at any a given place on time. The trams are the main form of transportation through the city center.

#5 – Glasgow


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

Glasgow a city well-known for its beautiful Victorian architecture. It’s a Scottish coast town located in the Western Lowlands. It is the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow is bustling with everything from nice restaurants to busy shopping streets. It’s famous for its historical trade prosperity and the building of ships. It is also the cultural hub of Scotland with various museums and art galleries.

Recommended bars/clubs when in Glasgow

  • The Flying Duck/ a funky basement cafe, pub and club. Also, this bar/cafe is a well known vegan spot in Glasgow and having a variety of affordable drinks
  • The Garage/ a convenient bar for students and one of the most loved club in Glasgow. Its open 7 days a week and the drinks are sold at reasonable price.
  • Republic Bier Halle/ a simple underground beer hall with. The bar gives you a feeling of an eastern European beer hall.
  • Campus/ low cost club which has also earned the name Sauchiehall Street’s very own Frat house. It is a not only a nightclub but also a restaurant and party bar.

    Prices in Glasgow

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

The best recommended affordable hostels in Glasgow/hotels

  • The Clifton (9 rating)/ a very elegant small hotel in the middle of Glasgow. the offers free WiFi and breakfast to the guests. The rooms for this hotel go for 55 dollars a night.
  • Glasgow youth Hostel (8.7 rating)/ a stunning hostel in the west end of Glasgow. The hostel is near several famous Glasgow land marks and Museums and offers free WiFi to the guests. A Glasgow youth Hostel dorm room goes for 25 dollars a night and a private room for 55 dollars

Being one of the major Scottish cities, public transport is easily accessible. Glasgow has a subway transportation system, otherwise known as the underground railway. Furthermore, you can make use of the buses that travel around the city. Do not forget to put your hand up when you see the bus approaching or it will pass right by you. Want to know more about public transport in Glasgow? Click here for more information.

#6 – Barcelona


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
View over Barcelona from Park Güell

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and one of the main Spanish cities. It is well-known worldwide and appears on many student’s bucket list. This Spanish city is mostly loved for its breathtaking Mediterranean architecture. Barcelona is home to Antonio Gaudi’s architecture but also to one of the best foot ball clubs in the world, Barcelona FC.

Recommended bars/clubs in Barcelona

  • Bar Mingus/ one of Barcelona’s hidden gem located within the Gothic quarter. The bar serves a free tapas with every drink one buys. It is has the best tapped beer in the city of Barcelona and tasty meatballs.
  • Summum Night Bar/ a favorite of international students with affordable prices for their drinks. A shot only going for roughly 1.50 dollars.
  • Bar Manchester/ very cozy bar and famous spot for international students. This bar is also liked because of its great food and music.
  • Salarazzmatazz/ a night sport with a blend of different clubs and bars in one spot. This club is in the heart of Barcelona making it an ideal place for tourists.

Prices in Barcelona

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

Almost every hostel in Barcelona has a very high rating. The average ratings of hostels in Barcelona is 8.5 and there is availability of free WiFi in almost all accommodations. On average, dorms cost 25 dollars a night and private rooms go for 150 dollars a night.

Best recommended affordable hostels in Barcelona

  • Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace(9.4 rating)/ a modern hostel in downtown Barcelona. This hostel is equipped with a rooftop swimming pool, a bar and free WiFi. Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace dorm rooms go for just 25 dollars a night.
  • Hostel one Ramblas (9.7 rating)/ a modern hostel offering its guests free dinners and WiFi. It is in the ideal location of Barcelona night life scenes. This hostel offers rooms for just 20 dollars a night.

Barcelona has a total of 11 metro lines going to various places in the city. This makes travelling throughout the city less tiresome. Moreover, the city has busses operating throughout the entire city as well. Don’t like taking the metro or the bus? Barcelona offers transportation by tram, although this is less popular among regular users of public transport.

#7 – Lisbon


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
bright-colored Mediterranean street in Lisbon

Lisbon, home to one of the greatest explorers of all times, Vasco da Gama, is the capital city of Portugal. This coastal city was built on the hills. Lisbon is made up of very bright-colored Mediterranean buildings. Filled with numerous restaurants and bars that are quite cheap, Lisbon can also fall under the category of affordable vacations in Europe.

Recommended bars/clubs in Lisbon

  • Clube da Esquina/ is well known for its terrific cocktail bars especially their famous morangoska cocktails.
  • Pavilhão Chines/ a bar in an old grocery store that looks like a museum with a unique interior that is decorated with world war toys. The bar offers drinks of different variety at a reasonable price.
  • Lux/ A night club that is in the heart of the city and one of the best in Lisbon. This spot is well known for a very beautiful and colorful interior.
  • A Tasca do Chico/ a small and cozy traditional bar with affordable drinks. Besides the coziness, this pub has regular fado singers.

Prices in Lisbon

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacationsBest recommended affordable hostels in Lisbon

  • Lost in Lisbon (9.7 rating)/ a new hostel in the center of Lisbon. Lost in Lisbon offers free WiFi and breakfast to the guests. A very affordable hostel with prices ranging from 20 dollars a for dorm. A room goes for 60 dollars a private room per night.
  • We love F. Tourists (9.7 rating)/ a modern hostel located in the heart of the city with a rating of 9.7. This hostel offers free WiFi and breakfast. They charge 15 dollars for a dorm room and 50 dollars for a private room.

Being the capital city, the public transport is easily accessible. According to statistics about tourism in Lisbon, it has one of the most cost-efficient public transportation systems. You can travel around Lisbon by taking metro which is the quickest way to get around the city. The other option is to take the bus or tram, by which you can reach all parts of the city and its outskirts.

#8 – Naples


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
The coast of Naples

Naples is a beautiful destination with much culture, colors, flavors and much history making it on the our affordable vacations list. It is all intertwined together, and makes a charming city full of joy and fun. The area is located near mt. Vesuvius and it overlooks a beautiful bay. The beautiful islands dot the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea like jewels. One would think that with all these attributes Naples would be a costly vacation.

Recommended bars and clubs in Naples

  • Occhi Occhi Oh/ trendy and very popular club similar to the ones in Miami. It is a tribute club to the fashion world.
  • Moses Club/ King of the underground scene
  • Nabilah/ the coolest beach club in Naples
  • Lanficio 25/ DJ nights, contemporary art exhibitions, theater performances and a bar.
  • Enoteca Belledonne/ iconic local wine bar

Prices in Naples

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations


Best Hostels in Naples

  • La Controra Hostel Naples (9.0 Rating) / the Hostel offers free WiFi and Breakfast. The dorms prices are 13 euros a night and Privates from 50 euros a night.
  • Ecohostelfloreale (8.3 rating) / Offers free WiFi to guests. Dorms range from 15 euros a night and privates range from 45 euros a night.

The public transport in Naples consists of Metro, Buses and Trams. For the regular visitor to Naples, the Metro system is of limited use. The 4 Funicular railways take you up hill to the Vomero district. The most useful local transport for getting around are the buses and trams.

#9 – Marseille


This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations
View of Marseille from the coast

Marseilles is a french riviera city bursting with character, quirks and energy. It offers a glimpse of the beautiful Mediterranean. Furthermore, it’s an old city with plenty of things to do to keep you entertained for days. Destinations like Saint Tropez or Monte Carlo, the classic French Rivieras, may seem like affordable vacations. On the other hand, Marseille makes it on this list because it is cost effective for students, but still gives the feel of an amazing getaway.

Recommended Bars and clubs in Marseille

  • Le Bazar– More for teens, and early twenties it is a seasonal club with 80s and 90s music
  • Le Trolleybus– Mix of house, electro, funk, soul, pop and rock.
  • New Cancan– Marseille’s most established gay club
  • Café de la Plage– A swanky cocktail bar facing the sea near the Prado beaches. It is popular with the hip surfer crowd. Music leans towards trendier tastes.
  • Carry Nation- 1920’s themed joint which requires a code to enter via the website.

Prices in Marseille

This is why this city makes it on the list of affordable vacations

Best Hostels in Marseille

  • Vertigo Vieux– Port (8.7 Rating) – Free WiFi and breakfast and offers dorms from 18 euros a night. The Vertigo Vieux is a newly renovated hostel in Marseille. It is located in the old port area, walking distance from beaches, bars clubs and the central market.

To really take in the atmosphere of Marseille, traveling by foot would be your best option. Marseille has two metro underground lines. Both have stops at the main train station. They are criss-crossed by a network of over 30 bus routes and three tram lines. A single journey ticket can be bought on board the buses, and from machines at metro and tramway stops. The solo ticket allows unlimited travel for one hour. This is with the restriction of one metro journey.

#10 – Berlin


Oberbaum bridge in Berlin by night
Oberbaum bridge in Berlin by night

Berlin is renowned for being the German capital and for its exceptional variety of attractions. Therefore, there is a flourishing cultural scene and a way of life that’s both fast-paced and relaxed.

Recommended bars and clubs in Berlin

  • Berghain & Panorama Bar: The church of techno. Most well-known club in berlin and one of the worldwide most famous clubs. It is the best sound system you can get. We recommend to not go in big groups and to not wear your best clothes.
  • Sisyphos: It is a festival, a club a beach and a bar. Surrounded by sand, a pizza place and a labyrinth of dance floors, you may lose yourself for hours. Big groups are not welcome.
  • Salon zur Wilden Renate: A labyrinth of circus fun. You will listen to the most different kinds of music depending on the night.
  • Barbie Dienhoff’s-Good for students to lap up the raucous atmosphere and cheap prices
  • A Muller: intimate bar with low prices and living room vibe

Prices in Berlin


Best Hostels In berlin

  • Pegasus Hostel (7.6 Rating) – Free Wi-Fi and dorms are from 19 euros a night, and privates from 65 euros a night.

Berlin provides a convenient system of buses and trams. They will take you easily, safely and cheaply to any attraction you wish to visit. You can purchase your public transport tickets from the BVG and S-Bahn Berlin ticket selling areas. The automats are always accessible and very straightforward.


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