Are you an international student and planning to study in Europe? With these scholarships, you will not miss the chance to spend a semester or more abroad. You will come to know more about other countries and their culture. These scholarships are specifically for Non-EU/EEA students and are a fantastic way to balance the tuition costs and will make up for the financial means that you might lack. StuDocu has done some research for you. Amongst the numerous possibilities, there are several options.


netherlands holland dutch tulips holland scholarship

The Netherlands, known for its flat landscape, tulips, canals, windmills and cycling routes. Most only have heard of Amsterdam and some even think that Amsterdam is a country by itself. However, it is a country with a rich history and it has so much more to offer than just Amsterdam. Therefore you should definitely spend some more time in this wonderful little country and discover its beauty, not known by many. If you are the lucky one to get a scholarship and come to the Netherlands, on you will be able to find useful notes for your studies here.


denamark scholarships government cultural agreements summer language

Go to Denmark and experience the Hygge way of living. Hygge means ‘snug’ and is an aspect of the Danish culture and many other Scandinavian cultures. It is a concept of “coziness”, when you relax with your friends or loved one and while you enjoy good food. Many think that Hygge is one of the reasons why Danes and other Scandinavians score high on happiness. So why don’t you join in that happiness?


france emile boutmy scholarship campus bourses tuition fee

When thinking of France, one would immediately think of Paris, the city of love and fashion shows. But wouldn’t you want to know more about France, its people and culture than just that?

On the CampusBourses website, you can search all scholarships to finance your education in France.


sweden blenking institute scholarship karlstad kristianstad tuition fee

Let’s have a fika (coffee break)! Maybe at Ikea? Swedish people work hard but they also take a rest and relax. Another thing that you will often hear in Sweden is the word “lagom”, which means “good enough”. This word perfectly sums up the Swedish cultural and social ideals of equality and fairness.

A complete list of universities that offer tuition waivers for international students can be found here.


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This country’s national foods are pizza and pasta, so basically it’s a student’s heaven. Receiving one of these scholarships will leave you with more money for them and you can eat it every day until you’ll get sick of it. To make your time abroad easier and find notes or other study materials that you might need, be sure to check out our platform,

United Kingdom

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If you feel safer going to a country that uses English, then the United Kindom is your country! Maybe you might even pick up that generally loved British accent, while you are there.

 Anywhere in Europe:


Before you start applying, here are some quick tips:

  1. Check if you are eligible for the scholarship.
  2. Try applying to as many as possible.
  3. Adapt each application to fit with goals of the organisation you are asking funds from.
  4. Think of the qualities that will make you stand out from the herd.
  5. Mark the application deadline and your own sub-deadlines for each.
  6. Editing, editing, editing. Make sure to have your work reviewed and edit is accordingly.

Good luck with your application!