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Some facts about Canada you didn’t know

Some facts about Canada you didn’t know

Every country has it’s own history that goes back for many years. As a proud Canadian you should know these amazing fact about your own country.



The winter of 1947 is known as the coldest winter in history – the lowest recorded temperature reached -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C).



Tap water in Canada has a higher health standard than bottled water.


dutch royal

In 1943, a section of the Ottawa Hospital become Dutch Territory so a princess could be born a full Dutch citizen (as that is requirement for her to keep the princess title. The Dutch royal Family sends every year thousand of tulip bulbs to Canada to thank them for their aid in World War II. That is what inspired them to organize the Annual Tulip Festival.


hawaii pizza


The Hawaiian Pizza was invented in Ontario, Canada.


A prostitute

According to Canadian Law it is legal to sell prostitution, but illegal to buy.


saint louis

Canada has the only town in the world with two exclamation marks.



The citizenship and Immigration Minister granted Canadian citizenship to Santa Claus. Millions of letters are send every year to his address: H0H 0h0, North Pole, Canada.



This is an actual bus top in Montreal, Canada. It is part of the ‘empathiCITY’ exhibition. This installation of 21 swings was made to offer a new and fresh look to the busy streets.



Residents of Churchill Manitoba, leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape to pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears.



World’s deepest lab is in Sudbury Ontario, and can be found more than a mile under the ground.


canadian flag


Canada didn’t have a national flag untill February 15, 1965. These are some of the flags that were rejected before the beautiful Maple Leave Flag was chosen:


imagesThese are two of the final three flag designs considered in 1964 to replace the Canada's red ensign flag. One features a trio of redmaple leaves with blue stripes on either side while the other features the accepted design with Union Jack and Fleur de Lis. (CP PHOTO/Files)royal-canadian-military-academy



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