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Facts about Australia you didn’t know

Facts about Australia you didn’t know

Australia, like every single country, has a rich history with quite some remarkable facts. Living in your home country you might think to know all about it. However, in a country this huge you will always be finding out things you never knew. We decided to give you a hand here, with the 15 remarkable facts you didn’t know about Australia.


Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman, earns $1 million every half hour, or $598 every second.



Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a world record for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. Hawke later suggested that this was the reason for his great political success.


australian police

Australia’s first police force was made up of the most well-behaved convicts.



In 1932, we fought a war against emus. And we lost.



There is a place called Gunbarrel that is so far from everything that space is even closer than the nearest town.



Australia suffered a big camel-problem. Yes. There were so many of then we had to export them to the middle east. How do you even transport so many camels, really?



Before humans started populating Australia, the land was inhabited by 3 metre tall kangaroos, ducks with the size of a horse and 7 metre long goannas. That sounds like a big NOPE.



The Australian sheep population is 3.3 times bigger that the population of people.



In 2005, security guards at Canberra’s Parliament House were banned from calling people ‘mate’. It lasted one day.


selfie stick

The popular selfie is an Australian invention. Yes people you did this.



Once upon a time there was an Australian man who tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.



The male lyrebird, an Australian bird, can mimic the singing of 20 other bird breeds, but can easy even mimic the sound of a car alarm or a camera shutter.



Even though Australians, the British and Americans share the same verbal language, there sign languages are completely different. How inconvenient.



An Australian election TV debate was rescheduled so it didn’t conflict with the finale of reality cooking show Masterchef. Priorities, mate.



In 1892 a group of 200 Australians was so unhappy with the government that they intended to start a new colony in Paraguay called “New Australia”.

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