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10 exotic destination even a student can afford

10 exotic destination even a student can afford

Amazing and exotic vacations do not necessarily need to be expensive. We listed a couple of tips for a destination that you can afford with your student budget. The flight ticket will still probably be a big investment, but you might be lucky and find a good deal. And once you are there, you can enjoy the culture and beautiful nature of these countries without selling your kidney.


Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, Goa, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable,

In the country of a thousand islands you can learn how to surf, trek through the jungle to find breathtaking waterfalls, observe locals working in the rice fields or climb one of the still active volcanoes. Bali is amazing, but it’s neighbor Lombok is a beautiful destination as well. And if you feel like partying, don’t skip small island Gili Trawangan where no cars or scooters are allowed. Oh and the food? – delicious and as cheap as 2 bucks for dinner.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam, Goa, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable

Another country in South East Asia where you can survive on £5 per day. Vietnamese street food is irresistible and you can even try one of the cooking courses. You should definitely hire a kayak and take a close look on the caves in Halong Bay. This bay is famous for its 2000 limestone islands in all kinds of incredible shapes. To experience the true atmosphere of vibrating and chaotic Asian city, stop by in the Vietnam’s capital – Hanoi.

3. Cambodia

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This destination is so ridiculously cheap that you are able to afford a bit of luxury. Try a local specialty – deep fried tarantula, on the food markets of Phnom Penh. If you feel like tasting a bit of history, visit remains of UNESCO Heritage site, Khmer empire’s capital- Angkor. Cambodia also offers beautiful sandy beaches, the best ones you can find in Sihanoukville. Be active and learn some new skills here, windsurfing for example.

4. India

Goa, India, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable, Taj Mahal

The seventh’ biggest country in the world has a lot to offer. You should therefore plan your visit carefully to see the things you are most interested in. Taj Mahal, marvelous white mausoleum is obviously the must, but be prepared for tons of tourists. If you are a hippie deep inside, then you can’t skip Goa. Here, at the beaches like Vagator or Arjuna, you can dance in the rhythms of psychedelic music all night long.

5. Honduras

Honduras, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable

In this Caribbean paradise, you can enjoy white sand beaches, super cheap cocktails while paying no more than £20 a day. Moreover, Honduras is not so crowded with tourist as other destinations are in Central America. During the Easter celebrations, visit Comayagua, the former capital of Honduras with its amazing colonial architecture. While wandering through tropical rainforest La Mosquiitia, don’t be surprise to bump into a jaguar, puma or a tapir. If that is not dangerous enough, you can try swimming with white sharks.

6. Malawi

malawi, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable

With accommodation starting from £5 (might not be the most fancy you’ve ever been to) for night and chapas – public buses, this African country is within your budget. Get to know the vibrant local culture in the villages surrounding lake Malawi. For some amazing views, you should climb Mount Mulanje. Seeing elephants, hippos or crocodiles is more than possible in national parks Liwonde and Nyika.

7. Bulgaria

bulgaria, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable

Eastern Europe is in general pretty cheap and is quite the unfairly overlooked part of Europe. Bulgaria is the paradise for those who like chilling on the beach during the day and drinking cocktails after sunset. Sunny beach is not the cleanest one but you can enjoy cheap food and vivid night life here. At the end of this 10 km long beach you can find 3000 years old ancient town Nesebar. If you feel like travelling a bit inland, Plovdiv’s Old town with its Roman ruins is definitely worth a visit.

8. Ecuador

ecuador, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable

This relatively small country on the West coast of South America is very diverse. Within a range of few days you can experience beach, snow- capped mountains or a jungle. In Galapagos islands you can try swimming with sea lions and sea turtles. For adventurous types who like to be active during vacation we recommend downhill mountain biking from volcano Cotopaxi. Ecuador is also the cheapest country in South America for making a trip to Amazon jungle.

9. Uruguay

uruguay, exotic, destination, student vacation, affordable

The second South American country in this list is often ignored by travelers. But thanks to that, it is still pretty unspoiled. The capital city – Montevideo gave a birth to tango and thus you should stop by in one of many milongas, places where locals come to enjoy this passionate dance. During the day, don’t leave out walking along the Rambla. In Uruguay you can also experience, the longest 40 days lasting Carnival of South America. The most popular destination is probably Colonia del Sacramento, charming historic town with many tiny streets, galleries and cafes.

10. Albania

Gjirokastra, exotic, destination, student vacation,

Balkan neighbour of more famous Greece, is an exciting destination to visit and spend almost no money there. The Albanian Riviera host many music festivals every year- like Soundwave Albania or Turtle fest. Tirana, Albanian capital, is a surprisingly colorful and lively city with lots of greenery. A popular destination of the country is also Gjirokastra. Probably the best place to admire its unique architecture from, is one of the biggest castles in Balkan- also called Gjirokastra. If you love hiking, then visit Theth – a beautiful national park in the Albanian Alps.

Don’t worry if you can’t go on holidays now, you can make a plan for next year. Meanwhile, visit to find valuable resources to help you with your studies.

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