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24 Fun Facts about StuDocu

24 Fun Facts about StuDocu

StuDocu is well-known for its learning- and sharing purposes, but what about the inside of StuDocu? How do things work? Are there even people behind StuDocu?! You are about to find out in this post, where we will share fun facts about the yet-unknown inside of StuDocu!

Place of birth

StuDocu is born and raised in Delft, the Netherlands, in 2013. Four students thought it would be so much more beneficial to share notes with each other, to ensure everyone would get good grades. After being in Delft for three years, they decided to move to Amsterdam, which is where we are operating from right now! If you want to know more about us and see the people behind StuDocu, click here!

We have two names

All over the world, we are well-known as StuDocu. Did you know we are operating under two names? Our Dutch name is “StudeerSnel”, which basically means “Study Fast”. We have this Dutch name, as StuDocu is founded in the Netherlands, and we were only operating in the Netherlands at first. Once we went global, we needed to have a global name as well, which became StuDocu! You want proof? Click here to see the Dutch side of StuDocu!

We have a cat

An adorable cat, which immediately melted our hearts once he walked into our office. The cat lives next door, but he spends the daytime at our office, where he gets lots of love and food. He loves milk, kitty sweets and sleeping on our desks on his pillow. He even is an Instagram celebrity!

…And a dog

A dog and a cat together? Yes, really! To be fair, the dog loves the cat a little more than the cat loves the dog, but their relationship is growing. The dog is called Dusty, and he belongs to one of our colleagues. Every day it is a surprise what Dusty is wearing – around Christmas he had his own Christmas collar and an ugly Christmas sweater, and with the cold winter weather he is rocking his comfy clothes as well.

The 27 club

No, it is not about the 27 club which all died at the age of 27. We are the 27 club as our average age in the office is 27! We are a young team, with a youthful and open mindset, and this makes us a strong and caring family.

“And how big is our family?” you might ask?

We are with 28 people! This number changes a lot, as we are constantly growing. And no matter where people go, everyone who worked at StuDocu will always have a permanent place in the StuDocu family!

Where do we come from?

In our small office, we have people coming from the Netherlands, the US, Brazil, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Syria, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the UK. International team? Yes, we are!

Want to be a part of our family?

You can! Whether you are searching for a permanent job or an internship, we are always looking for motivated people wanting to join the StuDocu family. We can’t wait to meet you! To explore the opportunities, just click this link.

Who lunches together, stays together

From Monday to Thursday, we always have lunch together. There is a full salad bar, a wide variety of cheeses and meat, and lots of bread. Especially the bread, cheese and meat is loved and used daily to make tostis. As a result, the canteen will be smoking (literally) hot.

We LOVE Nutella

Next to tostis, Nutella is the real addiction. On bread, on crackers, on wraps or on a spoon, it really does not matter. Everything involving Nutella will be loved here! Is does not matter if we are out of butter, peanutbutter or chocolate sprinkles. However, when the Nutella jar is empty, you better start running!

21.4% is vegetarian

We also have a large vegetarian population in the office! Luckily, we also have enough salads and vegetarian protein to keep their bellies filled as well.

Every Friday we have beers together

After 4 o’clock, the beers will be pulled out of the fridge and we will prepare for our weekly company presentation, which is held every Friday at 5 o’clock. Every department will share what kept them busy that week, and we are sure to have a great laugh. Social times are the best times!

We are a game hall

Once upon a time… there was a poll, asking everyone in the office what we would like the most: a PlayStation, a Nintendo Switch or an XBOX. What happened next was a discussion on everyone’s vote, with comments like:”how could you choose for the Nintendo Switch?!”. After some weeks, the big reveal was there. We got a PlayStation. And a Nintendo Switch. After that even an XBOX. And everyone was happy after all! Now, during lunches, we turn into a game hall, where every possible game will be played with passion.

And we take it very seriously!

It is not a StuDocu way of playing games if there is no feeling of competition involved. Every single game we play, we take it seriously, and we will play with passion. In our garage, we have a table to play table tennis. Some of the people in the office actually took table tennis classes to start a tournament in the office, and it has been going on for months now!

Vodka Police

As the games are taken so seriously, we needed to have something motivating to actually prevent the games to last too long. The Vodka Police is the means to do so. Whenever people are running late during their break because they can’t seem to stop the game (“this race is too important!”) the Vodka Police will pop up during the weekly presentation on Friday to punish people with a vodka shot. And no, the vodka is not nice…


Of course it is nice to have beers and eat our daily tosti together, but there needs to be a happy medium! That is why we have our bi-weekly #FitnessMonday, where a great portion of the office goes to the gym after work and follows an intense workout. The beers and tostis from the last two weeks will be gone, and there will be place for new ones again!

Company trips

Families go on trips, and so does StuDocu! In the last couple of years, we have been to the Ardennes, to Tenerife, and to Capetown. For this year, another company trip is planned, but it is still a surprise as to where we are going… Keep your eyes open for any adventurous pictures on our Instagram!

StuDocu boat

As we are based in Amsterdam, of course it would be a shame if we wouldn’t have a boat. We have a company boat in which we are making trips around the canals, going for dinner, or go partying. It does not matter if it is freezing cold, as long as the canal is not frozen, we will go!

Disco Daddies

We even have our own band – the Disco Daddies, who play funky disco. Whenever we have a party, and they have some time to perform for us, they will be more than willing to do so, and they will make every party an instant success.

“Keep the ball up”

During summer, the doors to our garden will be open, and we will take every opportunity there is to go outside for a game (I told you, we love games!). Last summer, it was all about “keep the ball up”. We were standing in a circle with a group of people, and, as the name suggests, we were keeping up the ball. You can touch it with anything, except for your hands and arms, and every time you successfully played it to another person, you get a point. You could even get bonus points if you passed the ball on with your butt! Our top score was 124 times!

Running group

Some people in the office even take it further than just the bi-weekly workouts with the team. They even run marathons together! They came up with special running groups and together, they tackle every challenge. Because together we can accomplish so much more!

Matching outfits

We don’t have a dress code in the office, and we are free to wear whatever you feel comfortable with. However, as is said in our handbook, it is not okay to wear something which your parents would be disappointed about! All of a sudden, matching outfits really became a thing. Right now, we even have StuDocu sweaters, so we can even match in style in the office!

Milestone parties

Occasionally, we will have milestone parties. For example, when we hit 2.5 million users, we had a huge party to celebrate. To make sure we can properly celebrate every party, we have champagne, and every party the bottle became bigger. For the 2.5 million user party, we even had to ask them to custom-make one for us. We started at 0.75 liters, and the last one was 15 liters!

We have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

If you want to see more of us (of course you do!) check out our following social media channels and connect with us:

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