For years, Spain has been one of the countries with the most international students. It is evident that the interest in studying on the peninsula is constantly growing among students from all over the world.

This information is proved by the latest study carried out by the educational portals and (headquarters in Spain), which shows that the Iberian country is the best European place to study abroad.

It gave place to a ranking which highlights the 10 best countries that scored high on the criteria what is most wanted by foreign students. The goal was to determine which country was the most desired by foreigners to study abroad.

Hence, the peninsula and its islands are at the top of the ranking, ahead of nations such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, which rank at the third and fourth place.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Spanish universities accommodate more than 75,000 foreign students who pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, a figure which grows every year.

The country is still one of the most involved in exchange projects such as the Erasmus programme. These grants have enabled young people to enjoy Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville. Four of the main cities on the peninsula chosen by foreign students to be their new home.

However, Europeans are not the only students who prefer to study in Spain. Young people from all over the world want to experience exchange periods here, contributing to the internationalisation and the diversity of these places.

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Why do youngsters want to study in Spain?

More than 20,000 international students participated in the survey which addressed the factors that could influence the choice of where to study abroad.

This decision implicates considering several elements that can affect the daily life and the overall experience of the students.

In addition to academic, professional and economic elements, the study has taken into account factors related to lifestyle and leisure such as the opportunity to achieve professional goals, expand the network of contacts and the cost of studies.

Nonetheless, practical aspects such as obtaining a visa or a residence permit were also important for students.

Spain, the best place to enjoy new experiences

Among all these aspects, Spain has been ranked as the most suitable country to study abroad. Students are seeking adventure and unforgettable experiences.

This is possible thanks to a large number of ludic activities and the wide range of leisure alternatives the cities offer. As one of the best places in Europe to experience greater cultural enrichment due to the rich historical landscape and cultural offerings (such as museums, visits to historic buildings and so on), it is definitely a great location to enjoy new experiences.

But what makes Spain such an enjoyable country to study abroad? Is it because of its great geography? Definitely!

It’s a country where you can find beautiful islands, diverse mountains, amazing beaches and incredible city life. But can you do some skiing and snowboarding? Yes, you guessed it right… Spain has it all!

Though the location is great, there is still also an equally important element which makes Spain rewardable: Culture.

This country has a Roman heritage making it one of the major Latin countries in Europe. Being invaded by Muslims and Visigoths during the Middle Ages and having a strong Catholicism presence is what shaped Spain to be what it is today.

As a result, a lot of traditions and cuisines were originated from this.

In fact, if you take a look at its broad cultural activities you can see how much the Spaniard land has to actually offer, from Roman ruins and Moorish palaces to the famous tomato fight (La Tomatina) in Valencia.

Northern and Central European countries the best in educational quality

The Netherlands, which occupies the second place, was ranked third in relation to academic aspects, such as teaching quality. This is one of the motives as to why the survey participants think of the Netherlands as one of the four best places to pursue their academic and professional goals.

Switzerland, which is in the third place, also stands out for the quality of education and the possibilities to improve one’s professional career. France and Sweden complete the top 5 of the ranking.

France, along with Spain, is one of the most valued countries in terms of cultural factors and lifestyle. Sweden, on the other hand, ranks first in relation to educational costs, as European citizens don’t need to pay university fees.

Greece, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and Austria are the countries that occupy the last five positions in the Top 10. Greece joins the southern European trend and scores high on cultural and leisure factors.

The Mediterranean culture provides an enriching experience for many foreign students. In contrast, the centre of Europe and the Nordic countries are characterised by high educational quality and extensive professional development.

To sum up, Spain is definitely an amazing land to study abroad, and thanks to its rich culture and diversified geography, it is the student’s favourite place to go!

Have you already decided where you would like to study abroad in the near future? Don’t forget to take all these factors into consideration!

Hasta luego y buen viaje!


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