Dedication is the most important driver of success. With dedication and hard work, everyone can achieve success.  – Marnix Broer, StuDocu Co-founder and CEO. 

In summer 2019, we had an idea… 

Our mission is to enable every student to succeed in life and excel at their studies. We want to make education accessible to everyone – regardless of age, income, background or gender. So how do we do this, beyond our website, study-tools and app?

As our team begun to discuss possible solutions, one idea started to catch on. We wanted to do more than we have done so far – we wanted to give students our full support. A scholarship seemed like the ultimate way to do this.

Whilst we cannot influence tuition fees, or the cost of living, we can help ease the financial burden many students face. Our goal in this project was to reward students who were dedicated to improving themselves and the world around them through education, and also to help those who could use some additional financial support for their studies. 

We wanted to establish something different, something which not only allowed the most educated or conscientious students to be chosen, but also the ones that want to be empowered within their community

No sooner said than done. In September 2019 our applications for US students opened. 

While conventional scholarship applications require students to meet strict criteria (e.g. writing a lengthy essay, completing an interview or minimum GPA score), we wanted to focus on something else. We felt that our submission criteria should reflect our students and their aspirations – combined with our own, StuDocu values.

And so, to apply for the StuDocu scholarship, all students needed to do was describe how the StuDocu Scholarship would empower them. We wanted to establish something different, something which not only allowed the most educated or conscientious students to be chosen, but also the ones that want to be empowered within their community.

We could choose 2 winners; the first-place winner would receive $2,000 and the second-place winner would receive $1,000. Both winners also scored 5 years of Premium access to our website to further help with their academic pursuits. 

30th November, 2019 our application deadline closed.

Now it was on us to read through more than 200 applications and decide upon two winners. Our criteria for choosing the students who we felt deserved to win the most were creativity, sincerity, truthfulness and factual credibility. Reading through all applications, it made us happy to hear about different backgrounds, motives and stories from very different students.

The hardest part was to choose from all the amazing submissions. We made a pre-selection of the 5 best applications and then asked the whole StuDocu team to cast their votes on who should be the winner.

In the end, two wonderful students had especially touched our hearts and, based on the final votes, they were selected as the winners of the StuDocu Scholarship.

One of our winners is Lucero, who is pursuing a degree in Human Rights Practice.

“I am honored and grateful to have been selected for the StuDocu Scholarship while I pursue a degree in Human Rights Practice. This award empowers me to continue pursuing solutions to mend unjust systems, continue working with communities to give a voice and end the violence to those marginalized and exploited. Thank you to StuDocu for encouraging me forward in my desire to pursue justice and empower others!”

Our other winner, Herman, studies Environmental Studies.

“I wanted to thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to attend college and pursue my career goals. It means so much to me and my family that I have this opportunity, to be the one of the first few people in my family to attend college and finish.”

Today we look back to this project, happy and proud that we can support students in their dream of studying and having a solid education.

“To empower everyone to excel at their studies by providing the best tools to study more efficiently” – Our mission and what our team strives for every day.

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Sina Freitag

Sina works for StuDocu. She enjoys writing and being creative and is proud to be part of the StuDocu team by making an impact everyday in student's lives all over the world!


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