You do not always have hours to spend on writing a good essay and as you need to finish quickly, there are steps you can take to speed the writing process. You can hire someone to do custom writing for you if you have no time. Otherwise, follow these tips, as they will make writing easier, so you get done faster.

Carefully Choose a Topic

You should not choose an unfamiliar topic when you are trying to write quickly. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much time researching. For instance, think about what you know on a given topic. While you might need to look up details, having a general idea can direct your research. Additionally, you will research less and you might even know which major topics to cover in your body paragraphs. This is a huge planning hurdle.

Turn Your Thesis into a Question

Once you choose a topic, the next logical idea is to write a thesis statement. In other words, this is the sentence which describes your major point. Every major point and supporting detail should lead back to this thesis. To make research and writing easier, turn the thesis statement into a question. This will drive your research. It also helps keep you on task, since you can ask if each detail responds to the question in some way.

Jot Down Your Ideas

The traditional writing process involves making an outline. Creating a formal outline takes time. Instead, jot down your ideas. This works similar to brainstorming. Start by writing your topic in the middle of a sheet of paper. Then, jot down the main ideas and supporting details.

A format like the one above helps you organize your ideas without taking the time to write it formally. It does not sacrifice clarity. However, you can put this together quicker than a traditional outline.

Put on Some Music

When you listen to instrumental music, it helps your mind find a flow. This flow lets you fall into a rhythm better. It is the reason that many writers put on classical or other instrumental music when writing. It helps guide the speed of your thoughts and keep a pace. In turn, you find yourself writing faster and more effortlessly. Music also has the benefit of providing background noise, as a result, this helps you to focus without being distracted.

How to write a good essay in a short amount of time

Write Less

Some students choose to write their first draft by hand. Then, they proofread and type it into the computer. This is a good method because it is easier to proofread a physical copy. However, it is an extra step. An alternative is to type the draft the first time. You do not have to sacrifice proofreading either. Print out a copy, proofread it, and make changes. You’ll have an improved copy of your writing in no time at all.

Get Outside Help

Unless you are quickly writing an essay in class, you have the option of getting outside help. Some students might ask a friend with help brainstorming the topic of their paper. Others might turn to writing services to complete the paper. They may finish the whole essay or do just the writing or just the proofreading. This can be incredibly helpful in those times when you have a deadline approaching quickly. An alternative is looking for topic ideas or writing samples online. Use these to come up with your own ideas or rewrite them in an original way.

Make Writing a Habit

“Practice makes perfect.” This is an old adage that applies to almost every situation in life. Writing is no different. As you continue to write your essays, you will naturally improve. This is the reason that high school teachers expect more than middle school teachers do. They expect their students’ abilities have improved since middle school. By continuing to practice, you will continue to drill the rules of writing into your head. This can make spelling, grammar, and proper formatting come more easily. It can also help you write faster. This happens because you are more familiar with the rules of writing. 

Learn About Writing Tips

When you look online, there are countless websites offering students writing help. This includes free blogs with information on academic writing and more. While you may not want to focus on this when it is time to sit down and write, researching writing tips can be helpful for future assignments. Spend some of your free time looking around online for tips. There are countless writing strategies—you just have to learn them.

For some students, hiring a paper writer is a good way to finish their writing assignment quickly. This is not always an option. For other students, follow the tips above. They streamline the writing process. This means you spend less time writing your essays and more time doing the things you enjoy.

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