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How to stay positive in these times

How to stay positive in these times

Every human being is craving positivity because we cannot survive without it. Positivity makes you feel better, helps you keep a clear mind and stay optimistic. And yes, even in difficult times like these, it is very much possible to have a positive mindset and not be drowned in bad thoughts. Staying positive means staying healthy and not to fall into a kind of corona rigidity in which everything is just monotonous.  Are you struggling with the question “how to stay positive in these times” and need some advice? We might have 7 ideas for you, that can bring back your positive thoughts and inspire you in a creative way to make the most of this stay-at-home time.

Discover something new for you 

Bored in the house? Then I suggest you discover something new for you! What do you think about starting your own Youtube Channel? You could record makeup or drawing tutorials, talk about life nowadays, talk about what’s on your mind or you could do workouts and share it with other people. Let your creativity flow; whatever you are good at- other people might be happy to profit from it as well! 

 If you do not want to make it public, you could also just record videos for yourself or share them with your family and friends. This could work like a digital diary where you can build up your own daily routine, so it would be easier for you to go through this tough time. This way, you are motivated for the next day and you have something you can take your time for. Editing videos could be a whole new chapter to learn – and now is the time to do things that we have not been able to do in our normal everyday stress! 

Have you heard of the new trending app Tik Tok? If not, we highly recommend downloading it (yes, also if you are 25+ you can be a pretty cool Tiktoker). For a glimpse behind the scenes, check out our StuDocu Tik Tok channel and follow us dancing through our remote working days!

If you are not the type of person, who likes Youtube or making videos, how about designing your own app? Did you always have many ideas for a new application on the market that would help not only you, but also other people out there but you never had time to take the action? Take your time now and create a plan where you write down all the ideas you have about the app. Ask friends if they are interested in helping you or if they have any other suggestions for you. Could be great fun, right?

Another possibility would be to start writing a book or a little booklet. If you are not really interested in IT to work on your technological ideas, but you love writing, authoring a book, a short story or even some recipes  would be the perfect alternative. Maybe many things have crossed your path in life that you would like to hold on to and memorise in some years. So why not write down your life story?

Alternatively, you could choose something fictional and tell an imaginary story, perhaps based on some of the events in your life. There are so many different things you can write about. (You may have a career as a writer ahead of you!)
When you are about to discover something new for you, do something special, which no one else would do!

Get involved with hobbies you did not have time for

How do you find the idea of getting involved with your hobbies? Isn’t it the perfect moment to take some time for yourself? Grab the microphone and sing karaoke at home (not only you, also the people you live with will be entertained), play some instruments that you did not have time to play for a long time.

Take your pencils, do some drawings and let your creativity run wild! Perhaps you are a passionate collector and now you have enough time to start collecting again, or you always dreamed about your dream piece but found it nowhere in store: Why not sew it yourself? After you have committed time to your hobbies, you will be very thankful and happy for having done it.

Make a plan and improve your organisational skills

It is always a good thing to work on your organisation. Make plans and to-do lists to have a better overview of the day and your goals. It also always feels great to be able to check off things at the end of the day that you have already done.Trust me, that will give you a great feeling.

Writing down your tasks also makes you feel busy and gives you a goal for the day. Further, it ensures that you do not end up aimlessly at home. This way, you don’t lose the feeling of everyday life and give yourself something to do even in these times. A perfect way to feel better and thus also to develop a more positive way of thinking. So what are you waiting for? Grab pen and paper and work on your organisational skills!

Educate yourself further 

Use your time to educate yourself further: you could learn a new language for example, since it is always a good thing to be able to speak many languages. It would also upgrade your CV and increase your opportunity to be chosen in a job interview.Have you heard of the App Duolingo? With its playful way of learning, it is the perfect app to start with, we highly recommend! 

Furthermore you could watch documentaries and learn more about history for instance. Did you always want to know more about Australian history? Then the time has come for you to do so! There are many things that are waiting for you to explore them! 

Do some meditation or yoga for positive vibes

Is there a better way to stay positive than meditating or fully relaxing and listen to your body during a yoga class? Do some meditation or take some time for a daily practice. Not only will you see results in your body but in addition you will feel more positive and relaxed. Finding inner peace and being way more calm when it comes to the current situation are just some benefits a meditation can have on you. 

Keep in mind that it will get better

It does not matter what you will do for yourself to keep your positive mindset during these crazy 2020 times. The most important thing during this situation is to keep in mind that it will get better.

Stay focused on life after COVID-19 and remind yourself that as long as you and your loved ones are healthy, you are in a very blessed situation. It is only a matter of time until our “normal” life can continue again. After climbing a mountain, there is always a valley in sight, right? So let us try to make the best out of it! Until then, stay safe and stay positive!

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