Did you know that StuDocu is now helping more than 3.4 million students around the world?
Most of these students, if not all, own a mobile device. So it made sense that our development team here at StuDocu.com looked into building a dedicated StuDocu App.

We asked Maria, our Product Lead, and Eduardo, our Designer to tell us more about StuDocu app – how it was developed and the main challenges the team faced along the way.

Keep on reading to find out how the StuDocu App came to be and why you should download it!

How did the StuDocu App come to be?

First of all, a lot of research was done to ensure that our students wanted an app. We researched our customer behaviour, their needs and the main pain points they face while using our website. The results of the surveys and interviews show that most students wanted something quick and easy to use when they didn’t have a computer at hand, a last minute tool to revise or check something while travelling from home to university and vice-versa. The data also revealed that students from some markets, such as Italy, don’t use desktops anymore, but go straight to mobile instead.

Mobile is becoming one of the most popular devices, creating new behavioural patterns for our users, and new opportunities for platforms such as StuDocu. To know more about how students are changing their approach to studying in the digital age, don’t miss our blog post about it!

This is the first idea we had for our app: a basic version of StuDocu that covers the needs of the student always on the go. Therefore, our ideal users for this first release of the app are students that already know the website but don’t want to be limited to home-based use.

Annual app downloads in billions. @Statista 2019

What were the main priorities you wanted to keep in mind while building the app?

According to our Product Lead, Maria, there were not many challenges, as the team decided from the start to define clearly how the app was going to be developed and designed.

The team also ensured to always stay in contact with end users and this helped us prevent any issues in the development of the app and guarantee a smooth release.

For Eduardo, our Designer, the priority was to keep it clean and simple. Many companies tend to overdo it and bring too many features to the mobile app, making it too complicated for the end user. StuDocu wanted to adopt a different approach and have a good basic application. From there, we aim to enrich the mobile app step by step, adding more features and improving it continuously.

App development – All the steps involved

The process of building a mobile app can be broken down into 3 main phases:

Design Thinking: this is an innovative process for problem-solving and product development that involves understanding the needs of the users and brainstorming about the best solutions for them.

The product mockup: the mockup is a prototype used to check what is going to work and what the end user is going to like.

The development: in this phase, the team worked in an Agile way to build the app: we had ‘priorities’ to develop and ‘sprints’ of two weeks, during which the prioritised features were actually built. Learn more about the agile way of working.

How the StuDocu App came to be and why you should download it!

What advice do we give to students thinking about developing an app themselves?

Maria believes the first thing to do is to check your idea with users and be ready to pivot it and compromise. By being open to other’s people feedback you will build a better app.

“Qualitative and quantitative data is essential to building a useful product”


Eduardo agreed and added that defining a clear purpose and value proposition is also important: what kind of need the app is going to address?

Furthermore, Maria and Eduardo both agree on the fact that you need to keep things easy and simple.

Our plans for the future

We just released the app in the Play Store and Apple store. The next step is to get feedback and improve the functions of the app as much as possible.

In the future, our app can become so much more than something complementary to the website. What additional features would you like the app to have? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments, and stay tuned for updates!

Download the app

Now that you know a bit more about the story behind the app, you should definitely try it out and let us know what you think! You can download the StuDocu app for Android and IOS at the following links:

Link to the Apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/studocu/id1460235511?l=nl&ls=1&mt=8

Link to the Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studocu.app

All feedback is genuinely appreciated!

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