Daily or weekly exercises can make a big impact on your health. Achieving an active lifestyle by exercising your body is very important in order to be able to keep up with a busy (or lazy) schedule. It is not about changing our appearance, it is about maintaining a healthy body and a clear mind.

Time is going by so fast and our days are filled with work, studies, internships, parties, hobbies and whatever else you might be doing in your daily life.

Have you ever felt tired or your mind cloudy, but then you stretched or moved around a bit and suddenly felt more awake? Did it make you feel suddenly clear-minded and gave you the energy to continue? This feeling is due to the release of endorphins in our body.

And, it is the kind of feeling we are looking for when exercising. We are hunting for moments during the day where you can take off 5 minutes (or even less!), and get your blood pumping to your brain.

You will see, it will make you feel much better and the work or studies that you will do will be that much efficient!

In this post, we will talk about the best ways to exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle! Let’s start with exercises you can do while sitting, whether for work or study.


Our back and booty are the two parts of our body who suffer a lot when we are working or studying. However, it is very easy to find time during the day to do a little stretching. Your body will be very grateful to you if you dedicate some minutes and take care of it.

Trick 1

Stand straight, your feet in line with your shoulders. Raise your arms above your head and stretch your spine by trying to reach higher with your hands. Then incline your upper body with your arms outstretched to the right, until your left side feels better. Repeat the same to the left.

Trick 2

Stand straight, your feet in line with your shoulders. Arms are slowly trying to reach your feet. Stay in this position until its comfortable.

Trick 3

Stand straight, your feet in line with your shoulders. Put both hands on your right hip and turn your upper body to the right until it feels better in your back and neck. Then repeat to the other side.

Some more Tips

Do deep breaths while stretching, to relax the muscles. The good thing about stretching is that you do not need much space. Take a break and go to the bathroom, or on the hall, or anywhere you feel comfortable.


This might sound weird, but trust me, it is not! If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, then this is the exercise for you. Instead of shaking your leg without purpose, focus your mind and body on clenching your butt.

It will give you something to do physically and it will get the blood pumping through your body.

For those who are looking forward to something that involves more movement and outdoors, read on!

Walking or biking

Biking is very common in the Netherlands, which is great because every day you do something physical, even if it is only for 15 minutes to work/university and back home.

The important thing is, when you get to work/university, your head will feel light and clear. Consequently, you will be able to retain much more information and work more efficiently.

So next time, instead of taking a bus or car, take your bike or walk. The best part is, you are not only physically being healthier, but you are also being ecological!


If you are one of those who like to run (we have quite many in the office!), or doesn’t particularly dislike it, then this one is for you. Nowadays it is very hard to find time to go for a run, especially for 1 hour or more. And it is very easy to find excuses like its too much effort or you had a long day.

Well, here is the solution: bring running clothes with you to the office/university and on your way home, go for a run. If you live too far away, then run until the next stop, instead of taking the one closest to you.

Firstly, you gain time in the day to exercise a bit. And secondly, what is the difference between the first stop and the third? You will still get home within 10-minutes difference.


Start off slowly and build up to a faster pace, then slow yourself back down again. Changing pace as you work out significantly increases your blood flow, and finishing your routine with sprint makes you feel amazing!

You can use it also for walking or biking.

Next is a little something for an evening appetizer!

Yoga Exercises

Those are great for a 20-minute workout that includes stretching and a bit of cardio to get your blood flowing.

The good thing is you work with your own weight, so you do not need any special equipment.

It is the best for a long day at university or work because it will calm you down and clear your mind of the daily clutter. Here is my favourite routine:

For more exercises, check out these articles.

Some of you might be looking for something a bit different. And we have that for you!

6 to 10-Minute Workouts:

Those exercises are based on your own weight, so you do not need any kind of equipment. Besides, it is a mixture of different possible exercises.

We advise to pick 2 or 3 different muscles and only work on these for the entire work out. That is, let’s say Monday you do abs and back, Tuesday you focus on legs, and Wednesday on arms.

That way you will not overdo it, and the effect on your body will be that much better and healthier.


10 Lunges with each leg + 10 seconds break
Keep your back straight, your arms up and go low.


20 Squats + 10 seconds break
Make sure to really go low. Your knees should be aligned with your feet.


10 Jumps Squats + 10 sec. break
Be careful to do it the right way, otherwise, you might hurt your knees.


45 sec. + 10-sec break, 30 sec. + 10 sec. break
Your knees should go high, but make sure to land softly to the ground. The back should be straight and keep your chest open.


30 exchanges + 10 sec. break
There are many ways to do it, but my favourite is clasping my hands together and touching the floor on each side.


Just follow what our girls from the office are doing. Try 10 times and 10 seconds break for 2 minutes.


This is my favourite exercise in our office. Try first for 30 seconds and build up to 2 minutes. You can do it!


Sometimes it’s easier if you have an additional thing to do while planking because it takes your mind off it. Try 10 ups and downs for starters and build up to 20. We believe in you!


45 seconds + 10 seconds break, 30 seconds + 10 seconds break
This is quite simple and easy! Make sure your breaths are even and deep.


Let’s start with 10 and build up to 30 per session!
Keep your booty up and back straight.


Try with 10 or even 5 at the beginning and every time add 2 or 3 more.
Your back and booty should be aligned.

Let us know what is your favourite way of keeping a healthy body!

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