Student Life March 18, 2020
Our commitment to the StuDocu community

Our commitment to the StuDocu community

Skipping school might be cool – but for how long?

We are pretty sure that by now everyone has heard the word “Corona” more times than they can count. But what is this virus actually? Why is everyone talking about it and how is it affecting students worldwide?

Up until 3 months ago, people talked about Corona when they ordered a refreshing beer after work. Today, almost 5 billion search results appear when Googling the term itself. Not a day goes by where there is no news on the subject, and little by little all countries are tightening their requirements and rules

The novel Coronavirus, abbreviated as COVID-19, refers to a group of viruses that has not been previously identified. Over the past weeks the drastic increase in newly infected people has been making headlines. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to heed government measures and prevent wider infection. However, it is also important not to panic and to keep in mind that many people have already recovered and are likely to do so, as long as they don’t fall into certain risk groups

Unfortunately, students all over the world are being affected as more and more schools and universities have been forced to close their doors. For how long? No one really knows.

Almost all European countries have already decided that classrooms should remain empty for at least 3 weeks. Instead of seeing friends in school, students are now trying to keep up with their coursework from their own homes. In the US, the situation is nearly the same; several districts decided to close schools for a few weeks –  and the list is growing. 

But not only local students are affected by the virus, many exchange students face the fear of not being able to travel home as flights and trains are being cancelled. Previously, we might have thought there were worse things than being stuck at home. If you look at globalisation and the technical possibilities today, a few weeks without school is probably not so bad.

However, the fact is that life under quarantine can be more challenging than expected. Being inside for the next few weeks and not having a daily routine can decrease our motivation to study and affect our grades. However, now it is especially important not to panic and make the best of the situation. 

And how do we do that? Don’t worry 

… We’ve got you covered! 

StuDocu’s mission is to empower everyone to excel at their studies by providing the best tools to study more efficiently. We remain fully focused on helping and supporting the students affected to continue their education from home during this period of uncertainty.

The StuDocu community has shown they are committed to providing isolated students access to study materials to ensure that knowledge and education continue to thrive – especially during a time when information sharing is paramount.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, now more than ever. Therefore, you will now receive 28 days of Premium access, instead of 14, for every useful document you share.

If you want to contribute but you don’t know how, check out this article

We understand that being at home during this period can be challenging. We’re all, in some way or another, just trying to adjust to this new normal. We know change can seem daunting, but together we can make the most of the situation. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips to make the most of this time at home:

  • Clean your space

Make sure your workspace is clean and stick to the bare necessities – a laptop, writing materials, good lighting and some water.

  • Avoid multitasking

Focus on one task at a time, give all your focus to the task at hand. If it’s a task that requires significant time, break it up into smaller tasks to complete throughout the day.

  • Put your smartphone down

Try to avoid using your phone. We all know how distracting Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook can be. By putting it aside, you can be calmer and use your focus time to be as productive as possible!

  • Make a to-do list

Timetables and to-do lists help you structure your day and use your time wisely. It not only breaks down your day by providing some variation, but also gives you a good feeling at the end of the day when you see how much you have done!

  • Take a 5 minute break for every 30 to 45 minutes of work

Allow yourself five minutes to get up, stretch, walk around, look outside, drink some water and come back with more energy (and maybe some new ideas!). It’s also important to take time to get some fresh air and sunlight. It will brighten your mood and help your immune system too.

  • Connect via StuDocu groups

Did you know that our platform is a community of millions of students exchanging knowledge around the globe every day? Don’t worry if questions come up these days and there is no tutor to ask directly; you can easily post your study questions in our StuDocu groups, connect with others and receive answers by fellow students!

Gezellig & One Love – in these times more than ever 

Helping students excel in life is our priority, we’d like you to know you can always rely on us to help and support you through your studies. Here at StuDocu we emphasise the importance of teamwork, during this challenging time we urge all students to work alongside each other towards your common goal of achieving academic success. Our main goal is to equip you with the relevant materials to help facilitate your studies during this time and throughout your student journey.

We’ll be by your side through all of this! We’re doing all that we can to help students worldwide with their studies. Be sure to utilise all the content we have on the StuDocu website and help one another continue to be an A+ Student — sharing is caring after all!

In times like these, we must remember to stay motivated, remain focused and continue to keep positive!  Learning together and staying united is more important than ever during this period of isolation, so remember to check in on friends, loved ones and others you care for — you may even make their day.

Teamwork makes the dream work! And never forget studying in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t be an A+ student.

One Love,

The StuDocu Family 

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