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How Students Changed Their Approach to Studying in the Digital Age

How Students Changed Their Approach to Studying in the Digital Age

The past decade has seen a technological boom that’s influenced each and every one of us and changed our lives for the better.

It’s not all just about the predictive analytics of Amazon, or the great Netflix recommendations that are given to us by AI and all that.

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Students have learned how to use technology to their advantage as well. They’re relying on dozens of online resources to learn new skills, and are using the power of the internet to make their studies at least a little bit easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the best solutions that students are relying on, and find out how helpful these solutions actually are to the average student.

Online Courses

About 33% of students are taking at least one online course. It’s no wonder the number is so big, with the rising costs of higher education, more and more students are spending a lot of their time working and trying to make ends meet.

With online courses, students can save money on housing and transportation, and these courses can offer great flexibility. If you’re taking an asynchronous class (i.e. a class where you don’t have to log in at a specific time for a live session), you can organize your studies the way you want to and optimize your learning environment.

Cloud Storage

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You might be wondering how exactly students are taking advantage of cloud storage solutions, and the answer to your question is – basically the same way that everyone else is using them.

Public cloud doesn’t only provide a space for storing all the presentations, files, and assignments, it can also make group projects much easier.

Anyone from your group can access the cloud at any time, wherever they are. You no longer have to go through the painful process of scheduling study sessions, since everyone can access all the files, just divide up the work, and bring it all together in the cloud.


If you haven’t used Evernote before, you’ve got no idea what you’ve been missing. As you can probably guess by the name itself, Evernote helps you keep notes.

The app’s available for smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and you can sync all your devices to have easier access to all your notes. With this app, you can share your notes with classmates, take pictures and attach them to your notes, take voice memos, scan text in a photo, and much more.


StudyStack is a great tool that can help you memorize tons of terms or definitions you’ll need for exams. From business to geography, history, science, and more, you can get fun flashcards to help you learn.

It’s not all about the flashcards, as this app automatically creates games based on your flashcards. You can get things like the hangman game, word search puzzle, crossword puzzle, fill-in-the-blanks, scramble, and others.

Grammar Checkers

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Whether you’re writing an easy assignment or your master thesis, you won’t do all that well if your essays are filled with spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes, and others.

There are various grammar checker tools that you can find online to suit your needs, and regardless of which one you choose, it’s going to make your life easier.

Even the best of grammar nazis out there tend to make mistakes when they’re on the clock, and these tools can correct any mistakes, and offer suggestions that might improve your essay.


Zotero is the perfect tool that students rely on for their research. Primarily, it’s of great help when you’re researching online, as it’ll show you an icon when you’re viewing a useful resource on some websites.

You can save a copy of the webpage, reference information, PDF, etc., and add notes and attachments to the saved files.

It supports different languages as well, so it can be of great help to all students around the globe.


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Only about 20% of Americans learn a second language in school, however various language learning apps might be causing a paradigm shift here.

On Duolingo, you can learn a wide variety of languages, both real and fictional, and you can choose your level. Even complete beginners can develop their foreign language skills with this app.

It’s highly visual, and all the instructions are very clear. This app is basically like a game that helps you learn languages.

Honorable Mentions

Lastly, great tools for building almost any kind of skill are Skillshare and Coursera. Skillshare allows you to watch educational videos on hundreds of diverse topics, and Coursera offers online courses, and even specializations and degrees.

Whatever your major is, and whatever you’re interested in learning, the tools we’ve mentioned can greatly assist you, the same way they’ve assisted countless students before you. Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal and optimize the way you learn.

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