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10 Tips on how to do better a presentation

10 Tips on how to do better a presentation

Whether you need to present your case studies for your Economics class, or for a board of business people who are possibly going to invest in your innovative idea, presenting can be nerve-wracking.

Even if you are great at presenting, tips might be helpful to get even better at it. With these 10 tips on how to make and do your presentation, it will become much easier to prepare and perform!

Making your presentation

It all starts with making your presentation. This is going to be the foundation and it will support you. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that the presentation properly supports you.

Follow these tips to make sure that you lead your presentation, instead of your presentation leading you!

Build around 3 points

People have the tendency to remember in three’s. That is why it is wise to share your message in three points as well.

This makes sure that, no matter how much information will be communicated to the audience, the core message will still be stuck in their head in three points.

Not too much on the slides

It is tempting to put all your information in the slides, but this is the last thing you want to do! It is better to put only the essential points in your PowerPoint, next to pictures (we will talk about that in a bit).

When you are putting too much information in your slides, the audience will be focused on reading this information instead of listening to you.

The slides will be there to support your message, so make sure that the majority of the information is shared verbally.

Pictures are important, but pick them wisely

Pictures are really important for a presentation, as they can say so much in only one caption! Their impact can be significant if chosen wisely. Always make sure that your picture matches with your topic, and that it is appropriate for your topic.

When this is not the case, your audience might lose interest or focus in your presentation, as it does not make sense to them. Also, make sure to avoid clip art!

Those images don’t look professional. Instead, try to use images from ‘unsplash‘, which are not copyright protected, and you can always use them.

Use a theme and be consistent

For a consistent and clear set-up, go for a theme and make sure it remains consistent throughout your whole presentation.

The presentation will be easy to follow, and people will not need to adapt their focus on different colours or themes every other slide.

When you are presenting for a company, make sure to use their corporate colours!


Now it is time to present! Whether you are a great performer or someone who is nervous about speaking in front of an audience, the following tips can change your whole presentation.

If you make sure to keep these in mind, it will be much easier for you – and your audience – to get through the presentation.

Do the diamond

When you are presenting, you don’t want to have anything in your hands! Leave the pens and papers behind, as they will only distract people from your presentation.

Instead, try to do the diamond with your hands! You can do this by simply folding your hands together into a cup, and putting your thumbs together. This will keep your hands still.

Also, when you are presenting, it might be necessary to have a clicker in your hand. Only use this when it is vital! Otherwise, this will only give you an excuse to play with it whilst presenting, which is what you don’t want.

Follow the three T’s

Throughout your whole presentation, it is good to let your audience know what you are about to do, and what it is about. Therefore, I strongly advise you to follow the three T’s:

  • Tell them what you are going to tell them
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you’ve told them

This way, people will understand how you’ve built up your presentation, and what you are talking about. It gives them a clear start, overview, and ending, which is what you are going for.

Focus on the message you want to deliver

It is easy to learn your text by heart, and just read your text from the top of your head when you are presenting.

However, this will not engage people in your presentation at all. Instead of learning your text by heart, I advise you to focus on those three points you want to carry across to the audience and build your story around those. Focus on the message you want to deliver!

This will also make it easier to adapt your story to your audience, which is the most important. Also, make sure to stick to your three points, and don’t include other unnecessary points.

Make eye contact

I know how scary it can be, really, but making eye contact with your audience is a key point on engaging them into your presentation!

When you are looking at your audience, they will see that you are talking to them, and they will be focused on you and your story.

And trust me, once you see the interest of your audience, your confidence will get an instant boost as well!

Talk with appropriate voice and body language

During your presentation, it is important to show your interest in the topic you are presenting. This is easily done with the appropriate use of your voice and body language.

Always make sure to not speak with a monotone voice! This will only stop people from listening to your presentation.

Also, when you are using your hands when talking, and making sure that you have an open stance, people will easily engage in your story.

Start and finish is the most important

The start and the finish of your presentation are the crucial moments when people have the most attention. These two will always be remembered by your audience.

Therefore, it is important to have a strong start and finish! I suggest to not start with “Hi, welcome to my presentation about…”, but start with an interesting phrase like “Did you know that…?”. This way, people will immediately be drawn into your presentation, and it will connect with them.

With finishing your presentation, make sure to link back to those three points I mentioned earlier. This way, you will make sure that people remember them.

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