We are all aware of the drastic changes Mr Trump has already implemented across the board. But little mention has been made of the impact he will have on the US education system. The 45th president of the United States has remained rather quiet about his plans regarding schooling and university pre & post-election. Doing some digging around has helped us to uncover some truth about his plans.

Does Trump care about education? Does Trump value educating our youth? Will Trump invest in educating our future generation of leaders?

“I may cut the department of education” Donald Trump, before coming President

So as a definitive answer to the previous three questions: no.

1. Making education a business

trump education studocu study university

Trump’s plans consist of turning the US education system into a privately ran business. Would you expect anything else from seemingly the most money & power hungry man of recent times? Plans involve implementing a ‘School Choice’ system where the government issues poorer families tax-payer funded vouchers to be spent on private schooling.

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2. Damaging mentality

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Before even administrating any legal & real changes to education, Trump’s campaign and inauguration had already had its effect on students’ mind-sets. Teachers across the US reported a ‘Trump effect’ in their classrooms. A spike in stress and anxiety, particularly those belonging to immigrant families or other backgrounds that Trump attacked in his campaign. Post-election, schools saw an immediate rise in bullying.


3. Appointing unqualified leaders

bernie sanders trump education studocu study university

Trump has made Betsy DeVos his education secretary. Betsy once compared her work in education reform to a biblical battleground where she wants to ‘advance God’s Kingdom’. Betsy has no previous personal experience attending public schools, nor has she ever administered or taught one. Unsurprisingly, she is also an avid supporter of for-profit schools.


In conclusion, Trump is implimenting plans to transform education into a business, his agendas have already damaged the mentality of new students & he’s appointed someone who shares the same moronic views as his own to support his plans. Fantastic.

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