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True love at university  #sharethelove

True love at university #sharethelove

Who said that Valentine’s Day was just for happy couples? February 14th is fast approaching! Whether you’re single or taken, love is everywhere and for everyone. Is it not love when your friend shares their notes with you, or allows you to copy their assignment? That’s what we call TRUE love!

Love is surrounding you and you haven’t even noticed. Happy Valentine’s Day! 😍

1. Your favourite classmate

That one friend that makes boring seminars that tiny bit more bareable. Without them would there be any point in dragging yourself out of bed for those 9am lectures?

2. That friend who makes your life easier…

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Not done the reading? Too hurried to remember your pen? No stress, there’s always that one friend who has your back.

3. Your library buddy

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Got an overnight session at the library planned? Don’t feel like going alone? Don’t worry, your trusty library partner is always by your side for those dreaded all-nighters.

4. Your beloved nerd on the front row

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You know who we’re talking about. Your knight in shining armour, always first with their hand up when you don’t fancy answering tedious questions.

5. The party animal

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It’s exam season, everybody has their head burried in books, but there’s always that one friend you can rely on for a good time.


love sharethelove studocu premium studying

Love is shared everyday at university and we rarely realise it. We think this kind of love is more meaningful than the love a happy couple shares.

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