Most of us want to travel. Especially as a student there are so many places you want to see and your bucket list seems to explode. However, the downside of travelling can be the budget. As a student, you probably are a little bit more restricted with the money you can spend – still, you want to explore the world! Is it possible to see and travel the world on a budget and keep the expenses low at the same time? Yes it is!

Plan ahead

I’d totally agree with you if you’re saying that unplanned trips are always the nicest. However, it can be very pricey. You probably already know that booking flights a long time in advance can save you a lot of money. I advise you to look for flight search engines (e.g skyscanner or momondo)with graphs showing you when the best time to book your flight will be. But not only need the flights to be planned ahead – Also the money. If you already know you’re planning a trip for next year, start saving money today! If you want to know the easiest ways to make money as a student, check out this post. There’s nothing worse than spending time in your dream destination and not being able to cross all the things off your bucket list you desperately want to see.

A little heads up: Make a list of things you want to see – estimate how much money you will need – save money!

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Sleep cheap

You probably already know, that choosing hostels for your trip might not be the best choice if you want to travel on a budget. Not only is it far more expensive, but also there’s no way you can connect and chat with other travelers. Hostels are a nice way to save money and make new friends at the same time. If you’re too overwhelmed by the idea of sharing your room with strangers, there’s always the possibility to pick a single room. Believe me – When I first started backpacking and hostel-hopping, I was also freaking out a bit, but once you have tried something out of your comfort zone, you will see how amazing it is! 

Plus: You will meet amazing people from all around the world.

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Do as the locals do

I do understand that you probably want to see the highlights of the city or place you have just arrived at. Most commonly those places are very touristy. This means that it’s very likely that the prices are a lot higher than in non-touristy places. Of course, the sightseeing spots are fine as well, and if you desperately want to participate in a tour – do it! It’s all about balance and if you spend a lot of money today, maybe you can check out the paths not beaten yet tomorrow?
For example if you’re looking for a nice restaurant, try one in a small street far away from the crowds. Those are not only more traditional, but also a lot cheaper!

Same goes for tours: There are lots of free walking tours, you can participate in and you’re not even spending a penny,

Plus: You will see a lot more walking than you would if you took the bus!


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Perks of being a student

You should definitely get the most out of the benefits you can get as a student. Remember to bring your student ID on your trip. There’s always ways you can save money as a student for example by keeping an eye on special offers from museums or other touristy attractions.
Let’s talk about transportation: If you maybe can’t apply your student benefits here, think about  ride sharing. Maybe you can get together with other students or travelers – possibly ones you met in your hostel – and ask them if they also need a ride.You can travel on a budget easily when you’re sharing the costs.

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Choose your destination wisely

Those tips are all super nice and fun, but of course it’s really going to depend on the destination you choose for your trip. Some will be  more pricey than others. If you need some inspiration on what destination to choose, check out this post for nice inside tips.
Asia for example is going to be a lot cheaper than the US or some places in Europe. Also you maybe want to reconsider the time when to go. Maybe try off peak? Usually prices tend to fall if you’re travelling outside of those busy times.


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Please feel free to share any suggestions or experiences you had with saving money on trips in the down bar. Like that we can all travel on a budget like a pro.

Written by Franzi for StuDocu


I'm a student from Germany and I'm doing my internship at StuDocu in Amsterdam. I'm studying international business focusing on Marketing. I love blogging about topics such as lifestyle and travel.


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