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American election list of best memes

American election list of best memes

For almost a year now, the whole world has watched the drama of American election unfold. From outrageous comments of one candidate to incrementing emails of another. Overall, it has been a hard journey for most Americans. We can all put this election behind us for now since it is over and done with. It all still seemed like a dramatic episode of reality television. Besides the election drama, meme creators have kept most people so entertained. The memes came in all categories that we at Studocu decided to share our favorite memes list.

    1. The world’s reaction to American election

      American election

    2. The famous Trump wall quote

      American election

    3. How the electoral college works

      American election

    4. Orange is the new Black


    5. Watching elections while bags are packed

      American election memes

    6. The Simpsons prediction
      american election from the simpsons

    7.  When you forgot to study for the test

      American election

    8. When you are not ready for that test

      American election

    9. Students be like

      American election

    10. Travel plans on my mind regardless
      American election

Visit 9GAG and about entertainment for more funny memes about the recent American elections.

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