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The weirdest courses that you can actually study in university

The weirdest courses that you can actually study in university

Have you ever wondered what the weirdest university subjects in the world are? Well, you are about to find out! There are many unusual courses that you can actually study in some colleges, and here at StuDocu we decided to search for the strangest ones!

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At the University of Edinburgh, you can take the Parapsychology courses which dives into anything related to paranormal activity or pseudo-psyco phenomena.

Witchcraft, Magic and Occult Traditions

The University of Ottawa offers the course in Witchcraft, which is a part of the Religious Studies Department. In this subject you can learn all about magical beliefs and practices! On we have an actual folder for this course full of summaries which is followed by 179 students! Check it out here.

Cannabis Cultivation

At the Oaksterdam University you can learn all about the best practices to cultivate cannabis. The institute was the first one to be recognised as a “cannabis college”, and their mission is to offer quality training for the cannabis industry.

Harry Potter, Magic, and Religion

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Then you should definitely check out this course by the University of Missouri. This subject is about the relationship between the magic themes in Harry Potter and religion. The course also includes notions of Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Norse mythology!

Intimate Relations and Marriage

This course is offered by the University of Missouri. From the importance of communication to the reasons behind conflicts, this subject explores all aspects of marriage and intimate relationships.

Baking and Yeast Goods

Are you passionate about baking? This course can teach you all about cakes and desserts! If you want to check out how an exam of this subject would look like, check a sample final on our StuDocu website! If you don’t know how our website works, don’t forget to read our ultimate guide to the StuDocu platform!

Creatures of the Night: Vampires in Literature and Film

The University of Kent offers this course about Vampires and their role in the modern society. What do vampires (and in general, creatures of the night) represent and what do artists want to convey when they use these popular figures in their work?

The Art of Walking

The Centre college has been offering this course for 10 years. The professor that teaches the subject believes in the importance of walking and how it can be an “escape from boredom”.


At the University of Wisconsin, you can learn the fictional language that J. R. R. Tolkien created for the Lord of the Rings series. The Elvish language was inspired by many existing languages, such as Finnish, Greek and Latin.

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