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Christmas? – Yes, but make it sustainable!

Christmas? – Yes, but make it sustainable!

Christmas is finally around the corner. Even though it’s supposed to be the most peaceful time of the year, everybody is super stressed out. Presents are bought last minute on the 24th of December in way too crowded stores. But why does this happen every year? Year after year, we buy presents just to have bought something. If it wasn’t the right present for the person who received it, it might be even tossed in the trash. I thought about this topic a lot lately and I summarized all my tips for you to have a more peaceful and sustainable Christmas this year.

Presents! – but sustainable ones!

Could you imagine a Christmas without presents? Me neither! I just love to give something in return to my loved ones. But sometimes this just results in blindfolded buying of presents because you feel pressured to get something for everyone attending the party. That’s why you should think about presents which are used up quickly, such as self made cookies or chocolates. If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out this post

Of course, it’s also important to wrap those presents accordingly. Just think about the amount of wrapping paper that is wasted every single year. Many of us probably reuse their wrapping paper ever year (like my grandma for example, more out of saving money purposes than saving the environment, though). But you can also use newspaper to wrap your presents. Just bear in mind to not only use it once and then throw it away!


DIY Decorations for Christmas

woman holding brown pinecones
Pine cones are a nice piece of decoration for Christmas!


Can you come up with anything nicer than decorating everything christmassy to really get into the Christmas spirit? I know! Before you head to the store the next time to get some new ornaments, go outside! The nicest decorations can often be found right in front of our doormat. Pine Cones, Leaves, Chestnuts – you name it! Even though you probably already reuse your decorations every year, I know how easily you get attracted to new stuff when strolling around in the mall! Think about it!



Especially around Christmas time we buy more food than needed. Of course, the fancy dinner on Christmas eve is part of the plan. Maybe we can just pay attention to buy groceries in very good quality (organic) this year. It’s not only better for us, but also for the environment. For me, this topic is not only important around Christmas, but all year around. As Christmas is the celebration of love, maybe we can give our environment (at least?) a little break for this time of the year.


Donations instead of gifts

This topic kind of relates to the first one. If you really can’t come up with anything to give away, you can just donate a specific amount in the name of the person. Here for example you can help the rain forest by donating some money, here you can plant a tree. That’s a nice idea for someone who doesn’t wish for anything! I’m positive, they will be super happy once they hear that the money supposed to be put into their present helped something or someone else!

person showing both hands with make a change note and coins


I really hope I could open up your eyes and make you a little more sensitive for this topic, so you consider spending your money more wisely! This will result in a more peaceful Christmas which we will be able to enjoy to the fullest!

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