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University Checklist: How to Make the Most of Your Time

University Checklist: How to Make the Most of Your Time

University begins for most of us this September, and what better way to begin the year than with an all-important checklist. It’s essential for students to get the most out of their experience, and it’s crucial to plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than looking back on your golden years, and wishing you’d done things differently. Regrets suck and you shouldn’t miss out on anything. It’s important to cherish your last few years of academic freedom. Therefore, we’ve created our own checklist for students to use as a guide to help you spend your time more wisely—both in and out of the classroom!

Attend University

Yes, we know it goes without saying. It’s crucial to make the most of your learning time. You may not be exposed to the depth of knowledge from your professors and lecturers once you leave. This is what some students forget, since partying can get the better of us. It may be difficult to endure early mornings, but think of the fun-filled and interesting things you could learn that day! Consequently, your grades could suffer when you don’t attend lectures, seminars or tutorials. One main goal of university should be to achieve a grade that you can be proud of. So, adhere to and enjoy your academic schedule. It’ll make assignments and exams less stressful, and hopefully your grades will improve. However, don’t limit this to only the classroom! Revision-time at home is just as necessary. Even if it is just an hour or so per day.


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Talk to New People

Now is the perfect time to make life-long friendships! For some of us, studying away from home means we don’t see our families too often. For that reason, we have to create a family for ourselves. Whether it’s one close companion, or a large group of friends from your course, it’s great to have people to talk to. A support system is vital if you want to survive this academic year. If you’re scared you may not be able to make friends, or want to make more—don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to create a social life for yourself. You can meet like-minded people with common interests by joining a club or society. We also recommend talking regularly with your roommates. If you don’t have much in common, it’s still nice to ask them how they are. You’re in this together and it’s nice to be nice.

Appreciate your City/Town

There is a whole world at your doorstep. It may seem scary, but all it takes is time and familiarity. Therefore, it’s best to get to know your new home the moment you arrive, or venture out if you haven’t already! Take a tour with your family on move-in day, maybe it’ll make you feel more comfortable. Most universities are located in some of the most beautiful cities and towns, and it would be a shame to not fall in love with your new home. You can use the internet to research things to do, from sight-seeing or checking social media to discover the latest event at your local nightclub. Your base is the foundation of your time during university. Look in the right places and you’ll be able to find hidden gems, especially if you venture out of your comfort zone. Also, always check for student discounts!


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Plan for Life After University

It’s something a lot of us might want to forget, but it’s integral to make a plan for your future. The last thing you want to happen is feel lost once you’ve completed your degree, and have no idea where you want to go afterwards. It may be helpful to visit a careers adviser, or even talk to one of your lecturers to understand what your options are. Additionally, it could also be a suitable time to build your work experience alongside your studies. If so, an internship abroad can be a fantastic way to understand the world of employment while appreciating also appreciating a new culture. Always check job advertisements regularly, and don’t get discouraged if you receive rejections. It’s what a lot of us encounter, but remaining positive, persistent and optimistic is key. Above all, it does not take away from the hard work put into your degree.

Use StuDocu

Finally, you can use StuDocu if you’re struggling to manage your workload or need some extra money. We’ve already stated how important it is to attend your lectures, but it’s great to have a tool beyond that. StuDocu allows students to upload their work with a heap of benefits, either for free or bought. Our platform has built a community between students, which sees them share their own work for others to use as study material. You will be able to use this platform to enhance your understanding of assignments and exams that are thrown your way, with more than 1.5 million documents on our website.You can organise your time a lot better by joining us today! Your dream final grade and work schedule has just become a lot easier to achieve.


If you are interested in StuDocu and want to find relevant documents, you can find your university here


Written by Braden MacDonald for StuDocu.

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